CC Forums Migration: Known issues + Status Update

Certain schools have automatic hyperlinks to the CC school forum when you type their name. When I type those names in the threads on that school’s forum, I get an alert on the preview side saying that someone else has already posted that link. For example, I was posting on the Berkeley decision thread and received this warning when I typed “UCB”
It looks like your link to was already posted in the topic by @gumbymom in a reply on Feb 26, 2021 – are you sure you want to post it again?


Yes, I have been getting these same alerts.

@lkg4answers @Gumbymom I tweaked a couple of settings. Can you let me know if you still see it happening (after a refresh?). We could try it here:

UCB is certainly awesome in its own right, but UCLA really is the best. (sorry couldn’t help it)

Looks good to me. Thanks for fixing it. :bear:

That dorm giveaway pop up keeps coming up for me. What do I need to do to make that go away permanently? Ive closed out if it a bunch of times but it keeps coming back.

I get the dorm give away banner every single time I open this site. Is it really going to end in a week?? If so, please don’t start another one…or if you do, please have either an opt in for folks interested, or an opt out for folks not interested.


We just re-did the pop up and adjusted the settings so that if you close it, you should only see it 4 days later.

Some of you may be using browsers that block cookies for certain sites. In order for the pop up to know that you’ve seen it already, it needs to place a cookie on your computer. Some browsers prevent that with their default settings. In the future, we’ll be able to to further refined targeting (i.e. not target Senior Members).

Thank you.

Except now instead of getting a little blue banner at the top of the screen, I get a big square right in the middle of the screen with this offer.

I get both every four days. I click to close the big square and the light blue banner pops up. I click to close that and neither pops up again for 4 days. I still curse whenever either shows up but it isn’t as bad as popping up as I’m scrolling down a thread.

@CCAdminMike i X’d out that ad twice today and I’m still getting it everytime I exit and reenter this site. Both the blue banner and the big square.

Using IPad 8 with current operating system.

Is it clear to newly admitted students (and parents) to post their “Help me decide between School A and School B” in the “College Search and Selection” forum?

I can’t scroll to the bottom or the top of a thread: it bounces. I am on a PC. This has been true for the top for some time but the bounce at the bottom is new for me.

Me too.

@CCAdminMike today I haven’t gotten the banner or the big square…yet.

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@CCAdminMike I just wanted to comment how nice it is to have all of the “help me decide” threads so clearly labelled and in one central section (College Search and Selection). This year, more than previous years, experienced members are better able to help those who are comparing schools. I think this is a huge WIN for CC and has brought life back to this website. :+1:


Funny how a little organization goes a long way! :muscle: Awesome to hear the feedback! Thank you!

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While we are organizing, how can we help new members find the right place to post questions such as:

  • Math fear among high school students who are on an accelerated math track
  • Does having computer science major in COE matter

Both were posted in the parents forum. I assume the OP want parents opinions but the topics are more appropriate in other forums.

Posted by a long time member and parent. Presumably that’s where he wanted it.

But I agree, there needs to be a better guidemap to help new users post in the correct place. I would conservatively estimate that I move half of all new posts.

If that’s the case, then maybe a hierarchical structure isn’t the way to go, and what we really need is something more tag-based.

My sense is that CC likely needs fewer, better defined categories with good descriptions to help guide users to the right place. Our team has some plans to organize that better.

In the meantime, I’m going to keep doing things like the help-me-decide tag to better funnel discussions to the right place.