CC Forums Migration: Known issues + Status Update

Is there a way not to get notifications when old bookmarked threads are closed? I got a bunch this morning and they don’t go away unless I open them and scroll to the very end.

Interesting - we’ve been doing some work to close threads with no recent activity, but I didn’t realize the side effect on bookmarks. There’s no way for me to stop the notification, but you should be able to dismiss them en masse with the “Dismiss” button in your notifications area. Here’s what mine looks like:
Screen Shot 2021-04-15 at 8.48.26 AM

In any case, once we finish closing all the old threads, you won’t see this happen anymore.


Thank you!

I have a cannabis ad popping up today. I’m finding it super inappropriate for this community.

It appears that topics are now set to auto close after 30 days of no activity. Is that the best policy? It seems a bit too soon, especially for the chance me threads where we may be waiting for final outcomes from the OP.

I do appreciate the ability to have an auto-close feature; I just am questioning the policy.

I may have missed an announcement about this. Or I may misunderstand the close feature. I admit, after my kiddo made a decision I have taken a step back from my CC addiction. :slight_smile:


See 1st pinned thread:

Well, don’t I feel like a dummy?

Thank you, @skieurope.

It just happened today. You did not miss much. :grin:

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Wait, I’m mildly confused—do threads now close after 30 days of inactivity or not?

Apparently the “chance me” and “match me” tagged threads do… per the topic skieurope linked. It sounds like using that feature is a bit of an experiment. Personally I think the policy should be somewhere in the 90-180 day range. It is nice when an OP returns to sum up. I question whether one would take the time to request a thread be re-opened.

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Only in the What are my Chances and Matches category, and only as a pilot.

That’s a good point. My sense is that they don’t usually return - this would be an additional barrier. I changed it to 90 days.


And some posters do chance me threads as middle school students or high school freshmen, when really, they don’t have sufficient info anyway.

My understanding is the “where should I apply” threads in College Search and Selection won’t auto close…that’s where I would be looking for final results, and updates…not on the chance me threads.

Are the “where should I apply” threads different from what I described as “match-me” threads? Honest question - not having gone through the process with my own kids, I’m not sure.

Historically, “Match me some schools” were put in College Search & Selection. “Here is my list - chance me” went in Chance Me.

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