CC Weekly News Roundup 6/04/21-6/11/21

The CC community asked for more for more content about what’s new and notable in higher ed, and we listened!

Each week, we’ll publish a CC Weekly News Roundup and infographic in our articles section, featuring timely and relevant headlines and human interest stories. I’ll also post the headlines and infographic here in the forums. Please read, comment, and send ideas for newsworthy items to include for the next week. I look forward to hearing from you, and working together to stay up on what’s going on in higher ed.

CC Weekly Roundup 6/04/21 to 6/11/21`


Thanks @CC_Joy ! Great idea!


I don’t see the point of those articles touting students who applied to a ton of schools and racked up “millions” in scholarships. Feels like click bait articles. I think CC can do better with promoting more useful college related articles.


I like having a link to all these articles. I like to hear that a Harvard bound student wants to donate her money to a community college kid. I like to hear about a kid accepted to 17 colleges and reading about the one she chose. I am interested in the merger of two colleges. I’m interested in all these articles and have read each of them. This is meant to be general interest. Frankly, I get a sense of darned if they do, darned if they don’t. People can pick and choose which articles they want to read.


Always happy for suggestions of what you want to see!