Cell Phone Plans

<p>Are there any good/cheap cellphone plans at Buffalo? I'm currently a NYC resident and T-Mobile's signal at buffalo is atrocious. I was wondering if anyone knew cheap plans for, perhaps, AT&T/Verizon.</p>

<p>My sister is a student at UB and I'm attending there this fall, too. We live in Westchester and we have AT&T and she says that it's fine up in buffalo. She says most people have either AT&T or Verizon - either will have good reception. If you're concerned about cost, you may want to look into prepaid phones. I know AT&T offers go phones that run pretty cheap and should suffice. If not, a basic calling plan from AT&T will run you about $39.99/month (and that includes no texts or data) I know it's ridiculously expensive but I think prepaid phones are a hassle with having to add minutes and things like that but you have to see what's best for you. The only other advice I have to offer is go into an AT&T or Verizon store and ask what they'd suggest.</p>

<p>If you want a month to month plan, I'd suggest going with one of the Straight Talk phones. Their website allows you to enter zip codes for coverage and will show you which phones will work well both at home and at school. T Mobile's coverage is not good in many parts of upstate NY...so that means no coverage while you're travelling either. ST phones generally run on the Verizon or ATT networks (depends on the phone) and unlimted talk/text/data is $45 a month, or $125 if you buy in 3-month increments.</p>