Cello player-

<p>Okay, so I'm in middle school, but I've been playing cello for 4 years, and I have 2 of the requirements for the audition to Juilliard~is it hard to get in? When should I start playing/practicing the other required pieces to get ready for an audition? Thanks! :)</p>


<p>We're glad that you're already preparing for your Juilliard audition! Please keep in mind though that there's a good chance the audition repertoire will change between now and the year you apply. Cello repertoire is subject to change every September when the application becomes available for the following fall. In the meantime - keep practicing and enjoy what you do!</p>

<p>For information on our programs, please feel free to visit us at The</a> Juilliard School.</p>

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