Centre College 2020 Decisions

Anyone else apply to Centre? Looks like in the past EA decisions came out around 1/18, which is a Saturday this year. So perhaps we will hear by this Friday?

Are you going to Centre? My D was accepted RD w/ merit $, and she/we are very excited! We are still waiting to hear from a couple more schools, but Centre is top consideration.

Hey @DixieBee - when did your daughter receive her decision? Did she get an email or was it via mail?

Just got an acceptance packet in the mail. No fin aid info yet. Very happy - have heard great things about Centre!

@DixieBee Would you be willing to share your D’s stats and merit amount?

23k merit & just awarded 5k in lang scholarship (seperate app).

4.2 wgpa 3.8 uw (?)
Solid EC, volunteer & work hrs
28 ACT

Are y’all going? Finally narrowing down the bunch & Centre top 2 for sure!

Same here -narrowed down to 2 and Centre is looking likely!