Centre College Class of 2019 EA decision thread

Results are supposed to come out in the next 10 days or so by mail.
I think the admit rate for EA is ~75%, so most of us should be okay.
Good luck to all!

Anyone hear anything? Email or mail?

Nope, I’ve been waiting, somewhat impatiently, as well.


I read they are released mid-January. Probably tomorrow or the next day.

Any news?

I’m going to take a guess that they are delivered today.

Just got an e-mail that says “Centre College Admission Decisions have been mailed!”

Thanks for letting me know! I didn’t get this email, but good luck to you! I hope you have a good scholarship and acceptance on the way.

My D got an email. Funny video! I think this means an acceptance is on the way. Hope they give scholarship info. Good luck to you @mindofpeace.

@4kids4colleges Thank you! If you don’t mind me asking, what was in the email? I didn’t get one, so I hope that’s not a bad sign. Good luck to you as well!

The email says: “After weeks of review, the Centre College Admission Committee has come to a decision regarding your application. I hope this video finds you well. Fingers crossed.” Then a link to a video of a guy camping out by his mailbox. So, it doesn’t say much. Have you gotten other emails from Centre previously?

@4kids4colleges I haven’t gotten that particular one, no. I’ve gotten emails about my FAFSA and CentreAId, and I’ve also been invited to apply for an invite-only scholarship. It’s probably no big deal, but I’m just waiting anxiously for a letter. I’m hoping it comes in today!

Would you mind me asking what your child’s stats were?

Probably no big deal @mindofpeace! My D 3.75 UW, 30 ACT

That’s awesome. Thank for the help! Good luck to you guys, hope that you guys get a good scholarship offer.

Waiting for the mailman to see if it’s in or not…

When people do start getting letters, make sure to mention your stats and scholarship $$$.

I just thought I’d let you know that I did end up finding the email that you got. It was hidden under the promotions tab of my gmail, so I didn’t see it in my inbox. So, that’s a plus! @4kids4colleges‌

Oh glad you found it! Good luck @mindofpeace and everyone else!

D also just found her email hidden in promotions. Cute video. We were both kind of stunned 'cause we’d forgotten Centre’s decision would be in Jan. Now we’re all anxious!!! Good luck to everyone.