Centre College EA Class of 2020

Does anyone know when the decisions will be posted/mailed?

I checked my student portal and it is giving me the option now to submit my enrollment fee and join the FB group. But it doesn’t say I officially got accepted.

Update: I got accepted!

Accepted with 23k scholarship!! So happy right now :smiley:

Did it come via mail? I don’t see anything in my portal

@Station97 my letter arrived through mail today!

Did your scholarship information come in the mail? @summertimesr

Mine only had my acceptance information on it. @summertimesr

@Horsey47 yup! I had two separate letters in the acceptance folder-- one about admission and one about scholarship.

I’m an international student also applying EA but I still haven’t received my admission result. Does that mean I’m rejected? :frowning:

I’m an international student too and I haven’t received the news… :frowning: have u yet ?

Still havent heard anything :frowning: @munmun32

I’ve already asked the Admission Office. They said decisions for international students will be out in Feb 1

@andypham thank youuu for updating ! :slight_smile: good luck to both of us <3

I got waitlisted because of the financial aid I ask for. They said “Your academic record indicates that you have the potential to succeed at Centre. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer you sufficient aid to meet your financial need.”

@andypham omg same me :(( waitlisted too :frowning:

@munmun32 what is your stat :frowning: