Centre College or Dickinson College?

I’ve narrowed my choices down to these two, they’ve given me the best scholarships and financial aid. Which do you think I should go with?

I see that you are from Virginia. This decision might partially depend on what part of Virginia you are from. If from Northern Va near DC, then you might be culturally more comfortable at Dickinson. Yet, if you are from anywhere else in Virginia, the southern culture of Centre might be more appealing. About half of all Centre students are from the state of Kentucky. So, it has a definite southern flavor to it. Dickinson is very much an “east coast” school.

@NROTCgrad thanks for the response, I’m about 20 miles south of Richmond, it’s definitely not part of “rural” VA.

If this were my choice, I would go to Centre. It is a personal favorite of mine.

Hi what did you decide? My D is deciding between Centre, Denison, and Southwestern U.

@4kids4colleges I went with Dickinson. The financial aid ended up being a lot better there and I was just extremely impressed with their Political Science department. It has also been a wish of mine to go more Northeast. Good luck to your D!

Good luck @2015gef, great choice!

Congrats on Dickinson! My S is deciding between Centre and Denison. He really likes both and is still not ready to commit…

Daughter is currently a First Year at Centre. She loves, loves, loves it. We’re from Florida, and she had no problem assimilating, and making new friends.