Centre Merit awards

<p>Can anyone advise as to whether Centre sends merit award notification along with the acceptance letter? how they've done it in past years?</p>

<p>Most schools to which my daughter has applied thus far send the award letter with the acceptance ... but two have sent it a few days later under separate cover.</p>

<p>Anyone have experience with this?</p>

<p>Brown fellows apparently does not go out until feb</p>

<p>“Admission Counselors will identify Brown Fellows candidates from our applicant pool, and semi-finalists will be invited to submit a separate Brown Fellows application on/around February 15. Brown Fellows semi-finalists will be selected from the top 5-10% of admitted students. Our Scholarship Committee will then select approximately 50 finalists who will be invited to campus for a special weekend (March 14-16). Centre awards 10 Brown Fellowships each year.”</p>

<p><a href=“https://www.centre.edu/admission-aid/cost-aid/scholarships/brown-fellows-program/[/url]”>https://www.centre.edu/admission-aid/cost-aid/scholarships/brown-fellows-program/</a></p>

<p>There are a few that are automatic: Governor’s Scholars (KY), state match scholarships for students from certain states (not KY, look them up if OOS), Governor’s School for Arts, Centre Fellows, NMF. The designated “special” scholarships also will not proceed until February as well, or so I imagine, since their deadlines were today.</p>

<p>Perhaps someone else can elaborate on the more generic ones (faculty, colonel, founders, etc.). I haven’t received the envelope yet, unfortunately.</p>

<p>thank you, huehuehue32. you’ve outlined it as I understand it, also, except (bummer) that our hope will be in the more generic ones (faculty, colonel, founders, etc). haha … pretty sure Brown will be out of reach, and the Governor-specific scholarships are out (alternate for two years - argh) … </p>

<p>if anyone gets merit letters regarding the “lesser” scholarships, hope you’ll post here :-)!</p>

<p>Got the letter today. At the very least, the faculty scholarship comes with the offer of admission. Not sure about the others, but I know two other people who are applying that are probably top 20-30% so I could possibly get more info from them about the other ones, if you want (you probably got the letter today too, though).</p>

<p>D received big envelope today with acceptance and $13,000 per year award.</p>

<p>I was invited today to apply for the Brown Fellows Scholarship.</p>

<p>Son got his letter on Jan 10th, with Faculty Scholarship of 21,500. Brown application went in on Feb 2nd. No word yet.</p>

<p>Got word via voicemail yesterday that my son made the Brown Fellow finalist and he will be going down for the weekend of March 15. Good luck to everyone!</p>

<p>How many of those receive awards will enroll?</p>