Centre Students

<p>I am an international student just got Centre’s offer, people around me have various comment on this school. So I want to know more about what kind of students go to centre. Share your experience here? Any campus visit or admission experiences…</p>

<p>Okay,I may need to be more accurate.
The fact is, I’ve read many students reviews on the websites, it seems that most of the comments are quiet good about Centre. But when I told the result to my Brown interviewer( Get rejected to Brown, obviously), he told me he won’t recommend this KY school to me, and recommend me a gap year, or trying other state school and then transfer. I am on wait list of CWRU and Union College, and Centre offer me 19k scholarship a year, which seems attractive.</p>

<p>I am from China, and I will still have chance to take Gaokao in the near June, probably can get into a good college,but not the very top I had expected. My SAT is 1900 with CR 550, MATH760 and WR 590, two AP and SAT2 with good grades, all self-learning cause I don’t like international class. ECs includes orchestra over 6 years and several other clubs… I have been rejected by many probably because I applied for FA with all of them.</p>

<p>The information provided on the website of Centre is extremely limited, I don’t really know what type of American students typically enroll in Centre and how exactly the school is like. I am still doubtful because it ranks top 50 LAC,but with an accepted rates of 70 percent.
Can anyone give me some information of the students in Centre? And some of the advise of what to do except for Gaokao will be very appreciated!</p>