Certification of finances and transcripts

i need help with common app procedure. I was helping my counsellor complete the international supplement school form and she asked me wether to give CBSE class 10 as a secondary leaving exam or give my class 10,11 and 12 transcripts. What are we supposed to upload?
Also where am i supposed to upload the international certification of finances form if a company is sponsoring me? Will it be sufficient if i send the balance sheet, authorization letter by the CA and the Director to the college?
And will it affect my chances if i send the ISCF via mail and apply to the college online...??
Someone please reply fast!!</p>

<p>your counselor has to upload 2 things in the International Supplement:
1. Your complete transcript of grades 9, 10,11 and predicted grades/marks of grade 12.
2. Scanned copy of your CBSE grade 10 Official Board exam Mark-sheet.</p>

<p>I hope this helps. You are too near to the final deadline.</p>

<p>International Certificate of finance is not to be uploaded. Download it, print it. Then you have to fill it up and it has to be signed by a Bank authority with their seal. you have to mail/Fax that document as and when that particular institute wants it. It may differ from university to university. Where I have applied, except for Stanford no university ask for that until you are admitted to that university. For Stanford I had faxed it before 15 Nov. deadline for REA applicants.</p>

<p>I hope this will be helpful!</p>

<p>So that means she should tick mark that i will be taking my leaving exams and upload the internal transcripts of 9,10,11 and 12 and also 10 boards.So thats all 5...??
then what about the mid year, optional and final report?
If i submit a letter from CA and the director with the Balance Sheet, the wouldn't be accepted...??
plus does the mail have to reach the university by the deadline or has to be postmarked by that date?</p>

<p>The deadline is for postmarked date.</p>

<p>The transcripts are for 9/10/11 and if you have half yearly/Preboard results for Class 12.</p>

<p>The midyear is same as Half yearly report.That will have a separate deadline after submission. That date also is specific to the Colleges that you are applying too.</p>

<p>Certificate of finance has to have the Bank's stamp.</p>

<p>9/10 CBSE board/11 transcripts in the international supplement and class 12 preboard(latest) in the school forms or all class 12 results in school report?
And should i include the class 10 school results if im giving the board results?
When are the final reports submitted?</p>

<p>A transcript of 9/10th board/11th/12th predicted has to be uploaded with both the Secondary School Report and and with International Supplement. Your Original Marksheet of 10th CBSE board also has to be scanned and uploaded with the International Supplement.
Mid year Report has to be submitted by your counselor as soon as it is available, in January.
Optional report is only if required in case of some important developments.
Final Reports are to be submitted after you get your 12th board results.</p>

<p>Certificate of finance can not be submitted with a CA signature. It has to be signed by your Bank authority.</p>

<p>so is it a problem if i upload the 9/10 board/11/12 predicted marks on the IS and just the preboard marks(most recent) on the school report part?</p>

<p>What's the mid-year report? Isnt it the same as the half yearly?
'Mid year Report has to be submitted by your counselor as soon as it is available, in January.'</p>

<p>And if that report is anyway being sent in the transcript, do we still need to send it by the deadline, again?</p>

<p>Midyear is same as half yearly.
No you do not have to send it again if you are sending it now specifying it as Midyear report.</p>

<p>^^Whew. Thanks a lot anialways! :)</p>