CGA vs. MMA Hoops Coming Up

<p>The rivalry continues on Saturday at New London.</p>

<p>:) Insert evil laugh behind the smilie thingee</p>

<p>Up late huh? Must be all that chocolate keeping you awake.</p>

<p>I have a funny feeling I'll be up later the entire month of December. I think I have a free day one sunday. Espressos R Us!</p>

<p>Listen to the big game between shopping gigs.</p>

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<p>1pm tipoff at New London</p>

<p>Read all about the big win over Kings Point(KP)</p>

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<p>That didn't end well... I like the word "bury" in their cut line! HA! HA! I didn't get a chance to tune in on the b-ball with all the big Navy football doin's in this household. Wow, it was a great game. I think I should duct tape my Mom down to her chair next year though. Wow can that woman jump & yell! She scared my dogs. And she cries when she hears Anchors Away. Geez! And I thought I was bad. Oh well. I had a good Navy day so I'll let you Coasties have this one! ;) </p>

<p>Till next time..........</p>

<p>Yes it was a great day for the Middies...I thought it would be a little closer but Army still hasn't caught up with Navy in the recruiting department. Too much Navy size and speed.</p>