Chance a Non-Traditional Student for his Top 3 Med Schools?

Degrees Awarded:

University of St. Thomas (Saint Paul, MN):
Bachelor of Arts in Biology
Bachelor of Arts in Japanese
Minor in Aerospace Studies
Minor in Chemistry
Minor in Psychology

Brown University (Providence, Rhode Island):
Master of Science in Medical Sciences

GPA Info:
Overall GPA - 3.88 (Upward Trend from 3.09 to 4.0)
Major GPA - 4.0
Science GPA - 4.0
Graduate GPA - 4.0

MCAT Score: 527

Work Experience:
Mental Health Assistant (2 Years, 1920 Hours)
EMT (2 Years, 2304 Hours)
Air Force Intelligence Officer (4 Years)
Air Force Reserve Intelligence Officer (1 Year-Current)

Volunteer Work and Shadowing:
80 Hours of Shadowing (Rads, Gas, IM, Peds, a little bit of Psych)
512 Hours of Clinical Volunteering (St. Paul Children’s Hospital)
288 Hours of Community Volunteering (Mostly Second Harvest Food Bank)

12 Months of Independent Biology Research
8 Months of Independent Chemistry Research
2 Months of Directed Japanese Research

Air Force ROTC
Language Enabled Airman Program
Tabletop-Gaming Club
Knowledge Bowl Team
College Democrats of the University of St. Thomas

Extra Information:
Age: 27
Race: Caucasian
Air Force Veteran
Fluent in Japanese
Fluent in Norwegian
Studied Abroad at Kyorin University in Tokyo, Japan
State of Residence: Dual Residence in Minnesota and Rhode Island

Subspeciality of Interest:
Psychiatry (Child and Adolescent Psychiatry to be Specific)

Top 3 Medical Schools:
New York University
Columbia University
Cornell University

Thank you all for your help!