Chance a Rising Senior for USD- Business Major

<p>Hey, I'm going to be a senior at a private (Catholic) High School next year in Southern California. I am hoping to get a sense of where I lie in the eyes of the admissions board for the colleges I'm applying to, as well as personally laying out my application components in preparation for the releasing of the applications in August. I'm primarily focusing on business schools that have good undergraduate programs, and I'm also hoping to attend a school under $20,000 a year, ideally under $15,000 . In order of preference, as well as my personal optimism that I will get in, I've listed my college choices:
1.) USD (Brother will be Sophomore next year, and my Catholic background may help).
2.) Cal Poly SLO
3.) UCSB
4.) Santa Clara University
5.) UCI?
6.) University of Richmond (OOS-does that help or hurt me?)
7.) Bentley University (OOS- same question for all following OOS)
8.) Wake Forest (OOS)
9.) Indiana University Bloomington (OOS)
10.) Brigham Young University (OOS- not a mormon, but the price & ranking is right)</p>

<pre><code> Grades:
Freshman: 3.5 GPA/ 3.8 GPA

<p>Algebra 1A- A-/A
Biology- B+/B
Catholic Faith- B+/A-
English 1- B+/A-
Spanish 1- A/A-
Speech Com/P.E.- A-/A</p>

<pre><code> Sophomore: 4.0 GPA/ 3.8 GPA

<p>Chemistry- A-/A-
English 2- A-/A-
Geometry- A/A
Scripture- A/A
Spanish 2- A-/A-
World History- A/B+ (I hold a grudge against this teacher for this)</p>

<pre><code> Junior: 4.33 GPA/ 4.33 GPA

<p>AP Chemistry- A-/B+ (Very mad about the B+, but I will get a great teachers rec)
AP Envi Science- A/A-
Campus Ministry Liturgy- A/A+
English 3- A/A
Pre-Calc (Honors)- B/A- (1st sem. I gave up on the final, 2nd sem. went better)
US History A/A-</p>

<pre><code> Senior: Guaranteed a 4.0 GPA, shooting for a 4.33, 4.1 minimum

<p>AP Physics-
AP Calc (AB)-
Advanced Brit Lit-
AP Gov/AP Econ-
Campus Ministry Retreat-
Multimedia (forced to choose an elective)-</p>

<p>Weighted GPA (9-12): 3.97
Unweighted GPA (9-12): 3.81
Weighted GPA (10-12): 4.13
Unweighted GPA (10-12): 3.88
Class Rank: 74/413 (17.9%)</p>

<pre><code> Notables:

<p>1.) Played soccer my entire life, I'll be putting 13 years down.
2.) Competitive travel soccer since 3rd grade, JV 9th, Varsity 10th-12th (12th captain)
3.) Received a Varsity Athletic Award, and got the "Most Improved Award" as I recovered from an injury that could have taken my leg. I had a bone cyst in my femur (hip region) that was basically liquefied bone, and if my femur had broken at that point I probably would have lost my leg. After recovering from the injury I grew as a person and became a better player than ever.
4.) Very interested in Business and market activity, and I've been an independent stock trader for years.
5.) Spent a week living with the owner of the popular blog directed towards lawyers "TheCorporateCouncil." I learned about the many strategies taken in the stock market, researching skills, and attended his "Summer Business Program for the Gifted," and shadowed him in his work.
6.) I will be interning at an Accounting Firm for several days towards the end of the summer.
7.) NHS Member (10-12) Tutoring Chemistry, Geometry, Algebra, etc.
8.) Member of the Business Club at my school (9), President of it (10-12) where I educate the members on the stock market trends, popular stocks, and strategies.
9.) VP of Chess Club (11-12), may not mention since it sounds nerdy haha.
10.) Member of the Science and Engineering Club
11.) Participated in the JETS Science competition representing my school and we placed in the top 30% of the nation.
12.) Will be participating in the Siemens Science/Math competition, and I will probably be dissecting and analyzing the growth of the pharmaceuticals industry while incorporating Business into it as much as possible.
13.) Received the Religious Award at my school for 2 consecutive years highlighting my good conduct and moral behavior.
14.) Volunteered 3 separate summers to lead a Vacation Bible School event at my previous middle school (20+ hours each year).
15.) I plan to have 150+ service hours by the time I send my applications.
16.) My father was 100% Macedonian so I am 50% and qualified to get citizenship, but to do so I would need to forfeit my US citizenship... so I'm just going to mention that I can become a citizen haha.
17.) My father, who was my biggest role model and influence, had passed away the summer before my Freshman year which both challenged me and helped me grow as a person, and may have resulted in a lower GPA during my 1st 2 years but that may just be my upward grade trend.</p>

<pre><code> Strengths:


<p>1.) During the summer between Freshman and Sophomore year, I attempted to take Geometry through a summer school so that I could move into the accelerated math program and be on a better path for taking AP Calc senior year. However, 1/2 way through the class my genetic condition regarding the bone cyst within my femur forced me to be taken out of the class and to get immediate surgery in which a titanium rod was placed to protect my leg and prevent it from breaking and possibly resulting in a lost limb.
Following my Sophomore year, I decided to take matters in my own hands as my family traveled to Europe to see my father's side of the family to be with them for the 2 year anniversary of his passing, and I took measures to teach my self Algebra 2/Trig over the summer. My school administered the Algebra 2/Trig exam to test my knowledge of the subject that I had taught myself, and I received an 88% which enabled me to proceed into Pre-Calc Honors my junior year.
This ordeal shows my willingness to pursue a better education and challenge myself. I plan to express this as I write my college essays.
2.) I should have enough to talk about in my essays to define myself as a person and possibly candidate for the school.</p>

<pre><code> Weaknesses:

<p>1.) ACT- 24... with little SAT prep and no essay prep
2.) SAT 1- 1680 with several tutoring sessions but very little outside preparation.
SAT 2: 680 Chemistry, 530 Math (I don’t plan to send scores).
On my ACT, I got a 27 on the math, 25 english, 22 science, 20 reading so I can DEFINITELY improve in all categories.
On my SAT, I got a 530 on math, 560 on reading, and a 590 on writing. I got an 8 on both essays and believe I can drastically improve on both with a lot of preparation.
3.) My widowed mother makes <$35,000 and since my brother will also be in college, I am financially limited (less than $20,000, ideally under $14,000?).</p>

<pre><code> Starting next week I will be preparing heavily each day for the ACT and SAT in Sept, Oct, and Nov. I expect no lower than a 27, and am hoping for a 30 or higher. On the SAT, I am aiming for 1800+. I've never been the best standardized test taker, but I realize it's importance and will be devoting countless hours and I will be taking many tests to familiarize myself with the format in the hopes of doing much better. I plan to take the ACT twice and primarily focus on it since I find it's format better suited towards my strengths, and the science section should help me (I promise the 1st ACT was a pathetic display combined with little prep, and I had a cough during the reading section. I'm not going to make excuses, I hope to prove myself with dedication and future results).

     I believe my strengths include my resilient effort and willingness to take my education in my own hands while challenging myself, and my main weakness is evident: ACT and SAT scores. I've never been the greatest test taker, but after only taking each 1 time with little preparation, I plan to put forth my best effort into taking the ACT 2 more times, and the SAT 1-2 more times as well. I thank you for your time and consideration, and am open to other schools recommended.



<p>Hey! So your test scores are pretty low... I know that is obvious but it does matter. However if you could get your act up to about a 26 I think you would have a really good chance at most of these schools.</p>

<p>Thanks for responding, and yes I am aiming for 26 minimum, hopefully 28-30 realistically. I took the ACT last October with little prep as I was mainly focused on schoolwork, and had never taken a full practice test, but went to 2 tutoring sessions. The SAT was taken in September and I had gone to 3 1 hr long tutoring sessions where I focused mainly on english, but I once again didn't prepare outside of it and never took a full test.</p>

<p>Tomorrow I'm getting the practice books and will begin going over the format, following the suggestions, and finally practicing problems. I hope to take 5 practice tests in whole before I take the first ACT, and if i score a 24 or below I might as well just go to a community college and transfer into a UC after 1-2 years haha. Mostly a joke, but it is something I've thought about since you're guaranteed admission, and I would get a 4.0 so it would start me out with a high gpa in college haha</p>

<p>I appreciate the help, and can you recommend any practice books, mainly geared towards ACT, that would help me?</p>

<p>lastly, people are speculating that this year's tests will be harder, but speculation is actually a peeve of mine and I definitely disagree as nobody knows, and it should be around the same difficulty as past tests. have any opinions on the subject (hopefully agreeing with me haha)?</p>

<p>^ I was also looking into Syracuse today, since I've heard of it before and never really looked into it. It has a great reputation as well, and seems to have similar requirements when compared to SCU and USD.</p>

<p>you might want to bump that sat/sat ii scores up... most colleges require at least 1 or 2 sat ii scores for ur app
how many ap classes have u taken?</p>

<p>i took two sat 2s, got a 680 on chem and a 530 on math... lol i didn't prepare for either since i was advised not to, and i honestly didn't/don't care about those. Won't be submitting those haha. </p>

<p>took ap chem, ap enviro, pre calc honors junior year, nothing weighted fresh/soph.
so basically 2 aps so far, but i've got calc ab, physics, gov, and econ so that's 4 right there (even though gov and econ are semester classes). </p>

<p>i'll have 6 aps to put down</p>

<p>Haha with that sat score itll be tough my friend. you're called what i call a gpa horder. someone who can work extra hard for grades but has no iq for tests.</p>


<li><p>If you have a brother attending USD (sophomore), wouldn't he be your best resource in determining if you would qualify?</p></li>
<li><p>If you're looking for <$20,000 but preferably <$14,000 a year in tuition then maybe a state school is your best choice. USD has one of the highest tuition fees in the country and even though you may qualify for merit/need-based aid, there will still be a reasonable amount needed to cover other costs. But you should know this if your brother currently attends USD.</p></li>