Chance An Asian for Film!



<p>SAT Is: 1290/1900 // 680 CR, 610 M, 610 W (retaking again in Oct)
SAT IIs: 560 Lit 650 US 660 Global (Horrible! Didn't prep <_<)
GPA: 90 - 3.5 (U) // 93 - 3.8 (W)</p>

<h1>Rank: Top 15% (180/1200)</h1>

<p>Extracurriculars: 3 Years Peer Mediation, 2 Years Boys' Bowling Team, 2 Years Key Club, 2 Years Southeast Asian Club (President), Physics Monitor, National Honor Society, 4 Years Part-Time Co-Op, National Honors Convocation on TV & Film at LMU, Summer College Now at Queens College, internship at local production company, internship at off-broadway play</p>

<h1>Volunteer/Service: Queens Library - 100+ Hours</h1>

<p>School: Public, Non-Specialized
APs: AP US History, Pre-AP English, (Senior Year - AP Psychology, AP Macroeconomics, AP English)
Honors: Global I, Global II, Biology, Chemistry, Spanish II, English I, English II, (Senior Year - Honors Government, Spanish III)
Ethnicity: Asian - Indonesian and Chinese</p>

<h1>Gender: Male</h1>

<p>Intended Major[s]: Film & Television</p>

<h1>Other Colleges: NYU (First Choice), Chapman, USC, Boston University, Syracuse, Hunter (safety)</h1>

<p>Hey guys, I'm just testing my luck for UCLA. I've checked the [url=<a href=""&gt;]stats[/url&lt;/a&gt;] and I've above average for all the film kids, but being out of state, it's harder for me to get in right?</p>

<p>And I heard that SAT IIs matter a lot in California, I didn't take them all that seriously because NYU Tisch didn't require them and I only took them at the last minute cause I got a fee waiver. Should I retake them in November? I feel really bad, especially since I just got a 4 on the AP US exam lol.</p>

<p>Btw does UCLA film require a portfolio? Just wondering because I'm already working on mine because NYU needs one.</p>

<p>All your fancy grades/scores don't matter much for UCLA Film. What matters is your application package which consists of a bunch of written samples/essays, letters of recommendation, etc.</p>

<p>You don't need an actual film portfolio because that is why you're going to film school... to learn.</p>

<p>UCLA</a> School of Theater, Film and Television is the theater, film & TV site. All the info you need is there.</p>

<p>After you submit everything, if you're one of the top 30, you'll be required to go in for an interview. Out of those 30, only 15 are chosen.</p>

<p>Only 15 transfers and 15 from within UCLA are chosen ever year.</p>

<p>Good luck if you choose to pursue admissions.</p>

<p>wait, just curious about how the theater and film school work, so you don't apply there as a freshmen? instead you go to letters and sciences and try to get in the major?</p>

<p>Any prior film work?</p>

<p>If you're already a UCLA student, you wait until Junior year. Then you are able to apply to be accepted into the film program. -- Same with transfers, you transfer in a Junior.</p>

<p>what if you want to apply straight into the film school? like for freshmen applications... instead of going to like HSSEAS or L&S can you apply to film?</p>

<p>You have to apply as a Junior. So either get into UCLA, do two years and then apply for film. Or do two years at a Community College and transfer into film as a Junior.</p>

<p>There are NO FRESHMEN accepted into film.</p>

<p>If you want to get into the film program, focus on these next two years in college. Get your hands involved in projects (whether it's filming, animation, writing, etc.). Just follow your passion and everything else will fall into place (to utilize the appropriate cliches for this point). TFT wants to see you have the drive, talent, and maturity to grow, not necessarily all the right numbers.</p>

<p>Pesky speaks the truth. :-O</p>

<p>that is really tough if there is only 30 spots for every year...</p>

<p>It is, but anything's possible.</p>

<p>I got in. So seriously <em>anything</em> is possible.</p>

<p>Wow, so for two years, you just take general education courses? </p>

<p>That sounds crazy, I don't know if two years is enough. I mean, film kids enter NYU, USC, and Chapman as freshmans. It doesn't sound that good of a deal to me, because those two years are gone to waste because you're not learning anything about your major.</p>

<p>I dunno, can any current UCLA film majors tell us what they did for those first two years? What it's like?</p>

<p>Oh and do those that mean SAT scores and HS GPA doesn't matter when you're applying to be in the film program? Just college GPA?</p>

<p>At ANY college you HAVE to have general education classes. Even at NYU, USC, etc.</p>

<p>You CAN NOT AVOID THIS. You either do UCLA's general ed or you transfer in with IGETC certification.</p>

<p>And two years is more than enough to learn film. Hell, you can learn film making in a week... probably less.</p>

<p>Not really. Johns Hopkins University has no GE requirements =)</p>

<p>But yeah MOST colleges have GE requirements</p>

<p>That's the first I've ever heard of a University not having GE. Hmm... good to know.</p>

<p>Fine... most... probably 95%+ have GEs... :-p</p>

<p>bimachris, there are also film classes available that you can take before entering the program. In fact, there's four classes you need to take for your "preparation for the major":</p>

<li>History of the American Motion Picture (6 units)</li>
<li>One class from either the History of the European motion picture or the History of African, Asian, and Latin American Film (6)</li>
<li>American Television History (5)</li>
<li>One theater course (history, literature, or production) (4)</li>

<p>And yes, I believe it is primarily your college GPA that matters if you transfer in. The film school itself only wants your transcripts from college (and then a couple of essays and a creative writing sample, then possibly an interview). Remember: they want the talent, not the numbers. The UC application system will be the part that asks you for your performance digits.</p>

<p>Okay, I know every college has GE requirements, I'm not that slow. NYU's all liberal arts for god's sake. I just don't like that thought of doing two years of nothing but general education, that's pretty much the same thing as GSP for NYU. The Tisch kids at NYU do like one or two required GE courses per semester alongside their film major stuff. </p>

<p>That doesn't sound so bad BobCat. I dunno, it's just not the same for me, cause I really want to just jump right in and start doing film stuff you know? Not touching a camera for two years is like going celibate for me haha. </p>

<p>Oh if someone transfers into UCLA as a film major, would their film credits from their previous school count towards the film requirements of UCLA or no?</p>

<p>That's understandable, but you don't need a class to pick up a camera. :P</p>

<p>And they probably would, but you'd have to talk to the film counselor (in this case Cheri Smith) to see what classes would count for what or if at all. They did that for us at orientation.</p>

<p>Honestly, I don't want to lie, the wait of 2 years may drive you insane. I just got accepted to the program and it was one of the hardest 2 years of my life. Not only are you odds really bad, but you have to prepare a back up major cause if you don't get in you still need to be able to graduate. There are a few upsides to risking it though:</p>

<li><p>You can still take film classes while you wait. 8 out of my 20 classes in the last two years were film classes. Obviously not hands on stuff, but fun just the same.</p></li>
<li><p>You are at UCLA. You can do hands on anyways. Not in class, but outside of it. There are tons of undergrads and grads in film who constantly need volunteers for their projects. So you can still be involved in making films. (Or buy a camera and have cool friends like I did).</p></li>
<li><p>If you do get in, you are in the film school at UCLA. Not really going to get much better than that, you know?</p></li>

<p>Schools like USC can be more tempting because you know going in whether or not you will be a film major. The downside is you would be at USC. For me it was worth going to UCLA despite what my major was. If you have to be a film undergrad and cannot wait for grad school, UCLA may not be your thing.</p>

<p>Also, about applying, none of your resume matters at all. You only get to show them your college grades and that's literally it. There is no spot for activities of things you have done, or high school stats or anything. If you want that information to get to them you either have to 1. Include it in your 2 page personal essay (double spaced), which is not easy to do or 2. Wait to try and tell them in your interview, but at that point they really don't care about your stats, just your personality. </p>

<p>Good luck!</p>