Chance For Exeter PLZ all comments greatly appreciated

<p>hi im applying to exeter 9th grade year and i was wondering if my ethnicities ( German 50%, Lebanese 25%, and Italian 25%) would be beneficial to my chances of getting accepted. Applying for financial aid. Gets high B to Average A. ( Although at my school which may differ from others has A's starting at 93% and B's at 85%). I write fantastic essays( in the process of completion). Dont know ssat yet but will update my reply when i find out. The interviewer said i had done a very good job. Also, honors every quarter last year and Cum Laude 1st and only quarter this year so far and every quarter in 6th grade. My teachers said that their reccs were going to be excellent. Lastly, my extra-curriculars are Piano 7-8 years, cheerleading 2 years, Student Government 2 years, Track 4 years, and Ballet 1 year. When the AO came to my school they said they were looking for students from the midwest which includes me soo Plz respond !!!!</p>

<p>Plz comment im begging you im dying with unscertainty (metaphor) I just really wanna know and no one ever responds even though i made 3 of these with month apart posts.</p>

<p>1 to 10 chance me</p>

<p>thats so weird! I'm 25% lebanese, 25% italian, 25% german, also! no joke..haha but im also 25% french. Ok well anywayss. haha so what was your SSAT score? Exeter sort of puts SSAT on the last part of the list when deciding admissions...its not that important as long as you got like 85 (minimum) + then I don't think they really care. I heard somewhere that the average SSAT score for an admitted student to Exeter is a 93%. I put for my ethnicity middle eastern (lebanese) and italian. I think that the middle eastern will help...and your location helps. Living around the New England area (couldn't really think of another name for it..haha) or in California really doesn't help your chances. Essays are a big part also. Besides your SSAT scores (idk what they are), I think you have just a good chance as most people applying. You definitely wouldn't be in the first group of applications to be discarded. I don't know. I dont decide, its all up to the competition of applicants and how the admissions commitee decides. Good luck! (and if we both get in by chance, ill see you there next yr haha)</p>

<p>I did horribly on the test ............ soooobbbb!!!!! I got a 42% on verbal, Math 71%, Reading ...... 26%, and total....... 47% avg. I am deff going to retake do you know any good study tools for this test especially for verbal and reading</p>

<p>I would definitely retake the SSAT. With those scores you probably won't have a good chance (my honest opinion). All your other grades, essays, ECs, etc. look excellent though. Just the SSAT that might hold you back.</p>

<p>do u have any reccs on study tools for the ssat.
plz respound soon</p>

<p>Do practice tests, and analyze all your mistakes. You seem pretty smart; you should be able to make it to at least an 80% with a bit of studying... After a while you'll understand exactly what kind of questions they ask, and what they're looking for.</p>