Chance for Rose Hulman Computer Science with GPA 3.76/5.28 (Un-weighted/Weight), ACT 34 (Math 36)?

I am a junior and am interested in studying computer science.

My projected GPA pending this year’s final grade is 3.76/5.28 (Unweighted/Weighted), ACT Composite 34 (Math 36), SAT Math IIC 780, SAT II Chem 750.

My major concern is my GPA which I am afraid is a kind of low. I had 3Bs in 9th grade, 1B in 10th grade, and am looking to have straight As this junior year. I think my GPA has an upward trend, but, overall, I am ranked in the top 15% but not 10% in the class. My course work is the most challenging one offered by my school. Except PE and Band, all my classes since 9th grade have been honors or AP (1, 4 and 5 AP for 10th, 11th, and 12th grades, respectively).

I have won 1st places in in state Chemistry Olympics (on chemical engineering projects not tests). I am not sure whether the awards help for computer science which, I assume, is more about physics than chemistry.

To explore and demonstrate my interest in computer science, I will be going to UPenn this summer for a computer science camp as well as Purdue for an engineering camp.

I’d really appreciate your advises as I am trying to narrow down my college list. Thank

I don’t think you will have any problem being accepted. I would recommend doing Early Action so you’ll find out before Christmas. There is no commitment for EA.

Are you a current or former student? Thank you. And yes, I will apply EA.

I"ma former student and my son is a current student.

That is amazing. I am a bit uncertain about the school because I read of it being in a small town. Do you think there are enough things to do there? I am going to see the campus on July 29th, but I am afraid that the brief visit won’t tell me much about social life. To send two kids there, you must be very happy about the school. I’d love to hear your prospective, and thank you for helping me.

I grew up in a very small town so Terre Haute was a big city to me. My son grew up in a large city so he sees Terre Haute as a small town. It all depends on where you are coming from. Some things are limited near Rose (no Target, but there is WalMart) but I think you’ll find plenty to do on campus with your friends. After your visit you’ll know if Rose is right for you or not.

Thank you

You should have no problem getting in. The real challenge is finding a way to pay for Rose.

Also, unless you’re going into Computer Engineering or code games working with physics engines (maybe some simulations as well?), Computer Science doesn’t have too much to do with physics. It’s mostly math-based (see matrix algebra, linear algebra, and logic-based math).

  • Current Rose Student

Dear MirrowNight - This very helpful. So far, I am more interested in Computer Science than Engineering (It took me a some time to figure out the difference between two majors). My father told me that he did some research and found that Computer Science has in general more job opportunities than Computer Engineering. I am not so sure but would like to hear you or anyone else’s insights. After all, job is important.

If you’re out for a job, Rose-Hulman will get you there. They have some crazy good job placement rates (upwards of 97%, it should be on their website). However, I don’t think that your dad is correct. CPE’s have CPE jobs open to them as well as CSSE jobs. A CPE can code as well as doing CPE things: working on the hardware of computers as well as software. The main difference course-wise is that CPE’s will take more circuitry classes and EE related classes that are computer-specialized and coding classes to boot, just not as many coding classes as CS majors. Either way, CS or CPE, you shouldn’t have trouble getting a job. I’ve heard for every CS grad, there’s at least five jobs open to them, and, the way things are going, the field is projected to grow. I’d advise you to do some research of your own because, to be honest, only you know what you truly want.

Thank you so much for so detailed reply and insights

You will get in. Have you run the net price calculator on the website to make sure it looks affordable, though?

It is very expensive indeed. Fortunately, my family can afford it as my dad started to save for me when I was 9 via 529 plan. However, I may chose another less expensive school if I am accepted into multiple colleges of similar reputation.

I just got my 3rd ACT test score back. Now, I have 3 ACT tests all with 34 composite, and a 35 superscore (Eng 35, Math 36, Reading 35 and Science 34). I did well in this soon-to-be finished junior year with 4 APs and 1 Honors classes with all As, finishing with an estimated 3.77 UW/5.23W GPA, and moving to the top 10% of my class (our school doesn’t rank officially, but ranking can be estimated from the class profile). I will visit Rose and will have an interview. I really hope that I can be accepted into Rose which I think is a very very good place.

Does anyone know what the average ACT/SAT is for this school?