Chance in Exeter, Groton or Andover?

Ethnicity- African-American
Current grade-9
Applying for- 9
Sports- Tennis (9 years) Swimming (5 years) Basketball (2 years) I would love to try lacrosse
Arts- Piano (3 years) Vocals (5 years)
Community Service- My parents own a charity so in the summer I help kids out. (It’s an orphanage.) (6 years)
Religon- Muslim
All grades are A (Highest possible) except for 1 B
Languages- I speak English, Amharic and Arabic fluently.
Teams- Captain for School Aquathon team
I have reached national level twice for the KenKen Championship.
I’m applying for financial aid too
I just took the the ISEE exams and here are my scores.
Verbal 68
Reading 80
Quantitive Reasoning 99
Mathematics Achievement 95

I’m a pretty good essay writer and my recommendations are great.
I am also part of the A Better Chance Program.
I’ve got a friend at Groton and another one at Exeter
Schools I’m apply to are:
The Hill
The Lawerenceville
Noble and Greenough

P.S: Pls tell me any other schools I have a chance in.


Congratulations on the high math scores on the ISEE? Are you planning to take again?Your English scores seem quite low. Will you take the SSAT?

I can’t chance you for the schools but I would advise you to rethink your approach in discussing the volunteer work. People don’t “own” charities. They start them, manage them, work for them, volunteer at them etc. Using “own” make it seem illegitimate and I don’t think that is what you mean to imply.

Thanks for the advice. I do other community service tasks such as planting trees with my community and donating old clothes. I’m planning to retake the ISEE this December, hopefully I will up my English grades. I also meant to imply that my parents manage a charity.