Chance Me! 2023 Transfer Engineering

US Domestic/Citizen-Immigrated to US
Originally from public high school in Boston, first-year at large top-50 engineering state school in Pennsylvania. White/Middle Eastern.

Intended major: Mechanical Engineering

College GPA: 4.0/4.0
HS GPA: 3.7/4.0
1530 SAT (34 ACT not reported)
5 on AP Phys C Mech, Calc BC, Chem, Bio
4 on AP French, CS P

Taking entirely second-year courses (first-year sophomore). Will have 68 credits by time of transfer.

15 years of piano and national awards.
Several national/international hackathon awards. Speak 4 languages. President of 3 high school clubs. Entrepreneurial/fundraising experiences.

Initially came in as BioE with 1000+ shadowing hours at top 5 medical school, clinical software development experience as well. Then got into robotics and switched, but MechE program here is much weaker.

Will finish year with 9 months of research in robotics at neighboring top 5 CS university. No publications but plenty of work to show. Also working as teaching assistant for physics.

Applied to MechE @ UIUC, Cornell, Penn, CMU, UT Austin, Northwestern, GATech.

Submitted piano and research supplement to every school that took them.

*Was initially granted transfer option into A&S at GATech b/c applied for biochem in high school. Rejected from summer transfer 2023 to MechE but didn’t have English 2 done, reapplied for fall.

Chance me!