Chance me, a Transfer Student (UPenn, Duke, Northwestern, etc....)

Some context: Rising sophomore at a undergrad business school (~top 50) and wanting to transfer.

Intended Major: Economics

College GPA: Currently 3.8. Hopefully 3.8+ by the time I apply with around ~60 credits. Dean’s list twice so far.

High School GPA and ACT: ~3.4/3.5 UW and will send a 32.

EC’s: High leadership positions in three clubs on campus as well as members of other business related clubs. Won States Model UN and qualified for nationals. Taken financial modeling courses over the past year. Virtually tutoring kids in Philly as well as kids in Africa. For high school EC’s I’m gonna be brief; some leadership positions, created brand new club and volunteered for all four years. Won a national award for Model UN. Also will most likely be getting an internship in business for the upcoming fall semester.

Essays and Recs: Recs will probably be a 8.5/10 and Essays probably a 9/10. Already started on essays and getting help on those so I’m confident. One prof, I really like and enjoyed the class so I’m very confident in his. Not sure about the other, might want to replace it with one from this upcoming semester.

Hooks/Other Info: None

School List: UPenn, Duke, Northwestern, Brown, Notre Dame, NYU, Tufts, U of M, and Georgetown.

Would appreciate your thoughts!

Are you seeking financial aid ?

What is your current school ?

Were you a direct admit to the business school & why do you want to transfer ?

Career goal ?

U of M ? Minnesota, Michigan, Maryland, Missouri, Mississippi, Manitoba, or ?

Fin Aid: No

Current School: Penn State

Was a direct admit into B school & it was my state school so it was close to home and “easy” for me. Not a fan of overall campus and environment around school and in classes + academic guidance not the best. Been interested in public policy since I volunteered with kids affected by immigration policies and really sparks my interest in combining business & policy. Current school doesn’t have the classes or options to best support my interest.

Career Goal: Undecided but I kind of like consulting right out of college. Being able to problem solve and help is cool.

U of Michigan ( sorry for not typing it fully)

Your odds are higher than usual because you are not seeking financial aid. Many “needs blind” schools are “need aware” for transfer applicants.

Duke is strong in public policy & solid in economics. Northwestern is also strong in economics & NU makes it easy to double or triple major. Tufts is a great target school for your interests as is Georgetown.

Your list of 9 target schools is interesting and all offer a very different campus vibe than that of Penn State–University Park.

My best guess is that you will receive multiple offers & that you will be happier at any of your targeted schools than you are at your current school.

I’m not sure what the issue is. You’re in an excellent university with an excellent business program. Plus, you’re in an in-state university. Going out of state or to a private university is only going to increase your tuition costs. Plus, uncertainty is becoming the new normal. If a parent gets laid-off, business failure, etc, you’re going to have real affordability problems. That scenario is already common, even before this pandemic. You’re in a position where you can finish on your own with student loans if the worst happens. This is not a good time to go to an exotic school.

Penn State-University Park is not for everyone. I understand the OP’s concerns.