Chance Me - Amherst College

Hi everyone! I’m a 2022 high schooler, and right now, I’m placing everything I have with Amherst College. My stats are okay, but I have a few other things going for me, so will those be enough to snatch admission?

I have a 4.00/4.86 GPA, without any APs because my school doesn’t offer them, and I’m on my school’s honor roll. However, I’ve taken 4+ honors courses every year. My SAT is a 1420, which I may retake, but I also may choose to not submit my score (will that hurt me at all?). I’ve also been working all summer on my common app essay, and my supplemental essay is a work in progress right now. I have a total of 3 in-school ECs, with 2 leadership positions from those. I am a year round athlete, playing varsity sports in the fall and spring, and a club sport throughout the winter and spring and into the summer, and I’ve received both region and conference awards. I intend to commit to Amherst to play, but I’m not sure how much of a role that plays in the admissions office. I will have 100+ volunteer hours by the time I submit my application, and I will have worked a job (albeit a minimum wage type of job). The final thing that I have going for me is that I’m a legacy. Both my mom and my aunt attended Amherst. I’m heading out to visit this weekend, and I’m so excited, but I don’t want to get my hopes up too much, y’know?
Thank you everyone!

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If you are a recruited athlete, and the coach is offering a ‘slot’ with their full support thru the admissions process, that means an acceptance is highly likely. Is this the feedback you have received from the coach? Have you had a positive pre-read?

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It sounds like you have as good a chance as anyone. Amherst College is a tough nut to crack as you already know. I recall reading on their website they mention that although they do not do interviews, they did have the opportunity for alumni to write letters of rec and I am not sure if there was anything else. The best thing you can do now is pour your heart into the essays and tusks up! I wish you the very best :purple_heart:

Amherst (like Williams) has one on one admission counseling sessions during the summer with children of alumni. Are you signed up for one during your visit there? If so, you’ll likely get a good idea of where you stand after the meeting/interview. If not, you should contact the Admissions Office and see if you can set one up last minute.


Explain your weighted gpa when you’ve taken no AP classes.

Mwfan1921 The coach has said she is very interested and would love me on her roster! They completed my pre-read today I believe, and I should be getting my feedback on Monday when I meet with her :slight_smile:

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Meddy Thank you so much! I would love to attend and I’m going to give it my absolute best shot!

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KnightsRidge thank you! i haven’t set one up yet, but i’ll try to do one now!

tsbna44 like i said, honors courses

So what is your grading system ? Is it .5 for Honors ? This is why I’m asking. No way you could have. 4.86 if so.

Let me ask this. Are you straight As? How many Bs have you had.

tsbna44 all as, not a single a- on my transcript, every class except 1/semester is honors on a 5 scale, so i would have a 5.0 if it weren’t for the few non-honors. thus a 4.0 unweighted gpa

If you have all As, took as rigorous a schedule as your school offers, and have a 34, it’s a reach but it’s a possible. You still need to have your low reach (a W&L, Wesleyan), match such as Grinnell and Macalester, and safety such as Skidmore and Connecticut.

Good luck.