Chance me Bentley merit aid

Hi! I’m applying to Bentley and if I get in, I’m curious if anyone has any idea of the amount of merit aid I would receive. I should receive some financial aid, but I’m kind of in the too rich to be given that much fa, too poor to pay full tuition area, so I’m really searching for schools that offer a good amount of merit. If anyone has any insight it would be great!!

heres a little more info about me
-I’m from Florida and the daughter of an immigrant, I speak fluent Spanish
-4.85/5 weighted gpa, 3.95/4 unweighted
-20/940 class rank, top 2%
-17 ap classes, got 4&5 on all of them except 2, which I got 3s on (AP Scholar with distinction)
-AICE Diploma recipient
-ACT- took once, 31 (35 English, 24 math, 34 reading, 32 science, you can definitely tell how bad I suck at math lol)

-Started a club/president since 10th grade, funds education of students in underdeveloped countries
-President of youth political outreach club
-Member of NHS and Key club since 10th grade
-Part time job as Administrative Assistant for a dentist office
-Part time receptionist at an insurance agency
-Tutor for elementary school kids
-I volunteered at a kids summer camp for religion and another one for volleyball (head crew leader/head coach)
-Played volleyball in 9th grade
-278 community service hours

If you need anymore info or if you think I would be good for another school with good merit aid let me know! thank you!!

Bentley has a new “quick cost calculator” that gives merit aid estimates. I’m assuming that because its new, it will be accurate. You can put in very high (fake) info like 1,000,000 salary and assets so you can see what they will give you assuming merit aid only (because clearly with those high fake numbers, you wouldn’t qualify for FA). They use metrics for your grades - like “Most A’s”, “Mix of As and Bs” etc… plus ACT or SAT test scores to calculate the merit.

Its only a few questions and anonymous.

Good luck!

Ok thank you so much I’ll definitely check it out!

I can’t really guess at how much merit you will be given, but as a reference, my son had 1390 SAT, 4.2 weighted gpa, and received a $15000 scholarship. I found the net price calculators on all the schools he applied to to be very accurate, even when I didn’t believe them!