Chance me Bentley

Hello! I was wondering if anyone would like to give their opinion on my chances of being admitted to Bentley University, here are my info:

-Brazilian, White, Male
-Speaks English, Portuguese, Spanish and French
-Applied Early Decision
-SAT: 1100 (550 Mat) (550 Eng)
-IB Predicted Grade: 27 (5’s on 2 HL)
-3.7 GPA
-3 Varsity Sports (Basketball, Soccer and Five-a-side) since 2014
-5 MUN’S
-5 Community Service Positions (Green Council, Teaching English to children, Built houses for an organization, Rio de Janeiro Beach Clean-Up Founder and Church Volunteer)
-Internship at Rede GLOBO

Thank you for your attention!

What were your results?

def a good resume, possibly only weak side would be SATs, they’re on the lower side for Bentley but not off their range… but I also don’t think Bentley weights GPA as high as other things (like extra curriculars - they love driven, involved students, admission interview, rigor of classes, grades, and essay). If you nail those, you’ll be fine.