Chance Me Boston College 2022

Hey everyone, I’m currently a Junior in HS and super interested in going to Boston College. It’s obviously a very highly regarded and competitive school, so I’m naturally questioning if I’d get accepted. I’m a white male from a public, competitive high school in Northeastern New Jersey.

GPA- 4.1 W
SAT- Projected 1400-1480 (scored 1450/1480 on practice tests)
Class Rank: HS doesn’t report (top 10%)
Applying: ED1 (41% acceptance this year)
School: Carroll School of Management
Major: Finance/Accounting

Extra Curricular Activities:

President of Investing Club
Board Liaison at Business Management Education FBLA
FBLA Community Service Committee
Business Education Tutoring for underprivileged students
Organized Fundraisers and raised money toward furthering Business Education
(Planning on Summer Business Internship)
HS Basketball Team
250 Hours of Community Service at a Summer Camp for children/adults with special needs
600+ hours of work experience
General Member of Democrat Club
General Member of Politics Club

Hoping I’ll be able to get in during the Early Decision 1 round. Thanks!

You should have a good chance if you can achieve those test results!

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I think applying ED 1 will really help your chances, So i think you should feel okay

What’s your UW GPA …trying to get a sense of rigor as 4.1 is a bit low. I’d say maybe because you apply ED but BC is a stretch for you. That’s ok as long as you have targets and safeties.

A target for you, for example using Boston, would be Bentley. Umass a safety.

As you plan to apply ED1 I’m assuming money is not an issue.

I would find several stretch besides BC you could love, 3 or 4 target and a couple safety.

Good luck.

Agree with @tsbna44 that it would be helpful to know the UW GPA, # of Honors/AP’s, # of grades in the B range and if any blemishes.

Anyway, from my experience, BC is more difficult than it’s stats lead you to believe. For example, people look at admit rates and falsely conclude that BU is the more difficult school to be admitted to - 100% false. ED also may not offer the same admissions advantage (but I have not definitively confirmed with the data) we are use to.

Overall, based on the information you shared, you will be somewhat less than a 50/50. Hope you get in!

Thanks for the replies, I appreciate it. I’ll have taken 9 AP classes and 7 Honors classes. I forgot to mention a few extra ECs such as honor societies and other similar awards/activities and that freshmen at my school aren’t able to take AP classes. My school doesn’t report unweighted GPA so I’m not exactly sure!

In terms of my grades in the B range, I have only two during my freshman year both of which were in Honors classes. After that, the lowest grade I’ve ever gotten was a B+ in an AP. I think what you’re asking is whether or not I have any Cs or other hurtful marks on my transcript which I do not. This year, I’ll have almost all As in my 4 AP classes and 1 Honors class beside 1 of them being a B+ in a notoriously tough AP class at my school.

Thanks for clarifying. BC would be a slight reach for you, but one that may be attainable if your application is strong. They certainly reject a lot of people that look like you… but also accept a good number. Hope you get in.

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ECs are important - but honor societies don’t count - they are just a check box. Not saying you don’t participate but that’s how the colleges see them.

bottom line - you should apply to EVERY college if it interests you, even if you have no chance - because you never know. ED gives you the best chance if BC is your tops - but do not apply ED if any financial concerns. And don’t trust their Net Price Calculator.

As I put in my first note, just make sure you have a few reaches (BC), few target - I mentioned for Boston Purposes Bentley - but it could be a UMD, Pitt, Ohio State, and then some safeties such as U Mass and Indiana, etc.

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