Chance me, CO 2024 for UVM ED (Philosophy)

Hi! First time posting here, currently a junior

US Citizen
White female from suburbs of NYC
Attending a relatively competitive private-catholic high school

GPA and Test Scores
(All As and Bs so far)
Not submitting scores
school doesn’t offer rank

Coursework - including what I’m taking for Sr. year
(AP Lang for 11th grade and AP Lit for 12th) (3 if I do Psych outside of school??)
4 honors courses (English Honors for 10th, Honors History from 10-12th grade)
I’ll have 4 years of Science, Math, English, and History (No honors for Science and Math)
Spanish level 2 and 3
4 Years of theology (required)

Some Electives: Constitutional Law, Intro to Psych, Global Seminar, Intro to Music Theory, also took Digital media Production and Graphic Design.

ECs: Editor in Chief of Yearbook, Sales Associate at a boutique, Camp counselor, Peer Leadership 2 yrs, 2 yrs of guitar and singing lessons (idk if i should include)

I’ll have about 2/3 LORs hopefully and I plan to have strong essay.

Not expecting merit aid for target/reach schools, but its always a plus, of course. I’m mainly applying OOS, so I’m not sure how much money I will get. Not a total deal breaker but its something to consider.

Safety: Ithaca, University of Arizona
UVM is my dream school so I’m going to apply ED, but should I consider it a reach or a match?
I also like Syracuse, DePaul, CU Boulder, UMass- Amherst
reach: UW- Madison

Let me know what you think! I tried to be as thorough as possible, but feel free to ask questions/recommend schools

Check out W Washigton and maybe NAU - if you like UVM.

UVM will be tough - but U of Arizona is a great school - assuming you are open to moving.

If money is an issue, Western Carolina is dirt cheap ($8500 a year OOS including fees) and you’d get in. NOt the city of Burlington but in the mountains.

Thank you! I’ll definitely look into those schools! Is there anything you’d recommend I do in order to strengthen my UVM ED application? I’m kind of looking for an artsy/liberal student body, and I’m really hoping UofA can offer that!

U of A can - most big schools have different cliques. Not sure WCU will but NAU for certain. Also look at WWU and for a bit eclectic Evergreen State. Also, UNC Asheville.

U of A is mainstream but neat. Liberal city (not campus), conservative state. Very nice.

Good luck.

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I’m really starting to like UofA, the more I read about it! Thank u for the feedback :slight_smile:

I would not recommend Evergreen State to someone coming from a competitive suburban NYC Catholic school. It is extremely alternative, maybe a good choice for a WA state student (in-state tuition is cheap) who would benefit from a non-traditional learning environment. We live in WA state and no one we have ever known has even considered applying (and we know our fair share of very quirky kids).

That’s fair - how about WWU?

If she’s looking at Arizona - then chances are she wants more traditional. But loves UVM.

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We have friends who’s kid is in the honors college at WWU and having a great experience, and Bellingham is a wonderful small city, similar in vibe to Burlington, VT minus the sub zero temps and snow. Tons of outdoor opportunities and not far from Vancouver BC.


Like Burlington isn’t far from Montreal :slight_smile: Cool - so worth a look to OP.

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If UVM is your clear front choice and the Net Price Calculator shows it to be affordable for your family, then I don’t think it really matters if it’s a reach or a match. I think this was the first year that UVM offered ED, so there’s not much data on how much of a bump you’d get by applying ED.

If you’re looking for an artsy/liberal vibe, I’d definite check out UNC-Asheville. It’s a definite town and there are some stunning opportunities to explore nature in the surrounding areas. For bigger state schools in mountainous areas with good school spirit, I’d look at James Madison (VA) and Appalachian State (NC). Also, U. of Montana might interest you, too. It’s a little smaller than UVM, but Missoula gets good reviews as a cute town and on Niche the students consider it to have a definite progressive/liberal stance.

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Thank you! I read the ED acceptance for Vermont is around 80, so I’m hoping thats good but I wasn’t sure. I’ve heard good things about Appalachian State, and the area looks gorgeous. I’ll add it to the list :slight_smile:

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UNC Wilmington maybe

Do you definitely want a big school? Some CTCL schools offer merit and have artsy students.

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