Chance Me: College of Charleston HONORS '24

I was wondering my chances for getting in CofC Honors.
GPA UW:3.9 , W:4.7
ACT: 27
Rank: 5th in class Junior Year
Palmetto Fellow
Instate, White Female, EFC: $350


  • After-school job at Chick fil A since 2017, leadership since 2018
  • Self-ran portrait photography since 2018
  • Handmade beauty company project in 2018
  • Will graduate with over 200 community service hours, 48 of them school required
  • Took two years of a film class at The Fine Arts Center, made multiple short films
  • Will graduate with 9 college credit hours from dual enrollment
  • Took breakout mini-courses in self defense, “adulting”, digital portfolio building, filmmaking, and improv
  • In yearbook senior year
  • Strong teacher recommendation

Honors Application submitted on 2/1/2020

  • Accepted for regular admission already

The Honors College sent out decisions for the class of 2024 a few days ago including waitlist. I am not sure if they are still evaluating applications. You should contact the Honors admissions office to see if they are still evaluation applications so you know what to expect. Good luck.