Chance me (Dartmouth ED)

Brutally honest Chance me for Dartmouth ED

US Citizen, Asian, Living abroad, Studying at an International School, Female

Indented Major
Biological Sciences

GPA, Rank, Test Scores
IB Diploma- predicted 44/45 with higher-level Biology (7), Chemistry (7), Maths (7)
IGCSE- 6A*, 4A
GPA- idk, downfall in my junior year but could maintain Biology (7)
Rank- No rank
SAT- 1510 (RW 710 M 800)

UK Mathematics Trust Gold & Silver, Spanish award, DofE Bronze award

Research with a JHU researcher on the field of microbiology/cardiology and wrote a literature review
National/regional neuroscience competition coordinator
Marketing leader of a project implemented by the country’s largest NGO
Internship at a small local Ltd
Student government
President of the chemistry club
Leader of the first aid club
Leader of the club teaching English to marginalized community

I can say that the essays are the strongest aspect of my profile. Spent months on the personal statement and the two supplemental essays, and wrote very genuine, authentic essays.

2 Subject teachers 9/10, 6/10, school counselor 9/10, peer 8/10, JHU researcher 8/10

Cost constraints
Low-middle income, applying for FA

Thanks guys! Dartmouth is my dream school and one of the most competitive on my list. Your brutally honest opinions on my chances would be much appreciated

Even i applied to Dartmouth, batch 2026!!

It sounds like you have done well in preparing a strong application. Can you tell us a little more about grades from junior year that you mention. Dartmouth does look at your application holistically and your essay will matter to them.

Have you done the NPC and FAFSA (and CSS) and discussed the estimated amount with your family? Low middle income is all relative - example one family may have a total income of $40,000 and consider themselves lower middle income. Another family may be at $140,000 in an expensive area of the country and feel like they are middle income, but also own property and have other funds taken into account in the formulas.)

Hope we meet there bro

Yes, I have completed FAFSA and CSS and I have a rough estimate of the support I will be getting, so the financial aspect is not a big concern at this moment.

I take IB and my junior grades dropped from 42/45 to around 39 (have no reasonable excuse), then went back to 44. Def not idealistic, which is what I am a bit worried about.

That all sounds good. You have as good of a shot as anyone who has similar accomplishments. It sounds like your grades turned around rapidly. As you know the chances are single digits. Good luck!

The admissions committees in the US generally ignore the predicted marks. So while 44/45 sounds impressive, I’m not sure it will help much. What were your marks in the SL courses?

Do you have an estimated class rank? Even high schools that don’t rank, it is relatively easy to figure out how you stand in the class. The Dartmouth admissions office will be interested in this. Are you in the top 5% of your graduating class? Does your HS have a history of sending students to Dartmouth?

Being a US citizen will help. The test scores and ECs look fine.

Thank you, I lost one mark in my English SL which is why I got a 44.
My high school is very competitive so this year there were many 45s and 44s. Hence I predict I am not in the top 5% (MB top 10%?) but because it is an international school, not many are applying to the US. My school does have a record of sending students to Dartmouth too.
I wonder what the admissions committees will prioritize if they tend to ignore predicted because we have no GPAs, no ranks but just the predicted and mock grades.