Chance me. ED1 Boston College Class of 2026


Hello, I am applying ED1 to BC this week and was looking for someone to chance me.

Stats: Test Optional, Class Rank 1st of 523, 104.4 percentage gpa, 11 AP test, Several ECs (Founded a Mentorship Program,Varsity Softball, Student Council, Class Office, NHS, outside Volunteer with local sports program and so on), 3 Good Recommendations, Good Essays, From: FORT WORTH, TEXAS

Would love input! Thanks

Hmmm - yes. BC - or better. Do you have a test score? That would help.

I take it UT Austin is your safety?

You didn’t ask, but you’d get a lot of $$ at a lot of schools.

Good luck.

I am auto admin to UT, but BC is absolutely my number one choice. Took a visit this summer and the minute I stepped foot on campus I knew it felt like home. Just hoping my stats are enough for an out of state student while going test optional.

Not sure I get the 104% - but if you’re #1 in 500+ students - it tells me a lot.

Why TO?

Last year, one could explain. This year it’s tougher. Last year though, 51% of enrolled students did not submit a test score - so you’re good. I do wonder if schools will be a bit less lenient this year because it’s (the test) readily available.

Being from Texas is a bonus.

So - do you have a second choice? Just make sure you cover all bases but I have a good feeling for you.

We are on a basic percentage scale in Texas. Was only able to complete one test due to outside circumstances and it was only 1390. Thought that might be short of the mark and chances might be better without. I will be applying to other universities if BC falls through…UT is about 5th or 6th on the list. Hopefully that is a mute point. Thanks so much for the feedback!

Yeah, it’s a bit short.

Are you looking at Jesuit - like Santa Clara, Fordham, and Villanova??

Did visit Nova, but a little down my list. Have several other non Jesuit universities as well. I plan to EA University of Miami, and Georgia Tech. Will also look at USC, Georgetown and UNC along with UT.

OK - UNC OOS is brutal as is G Tech…worth reaching.

Miami a definite for you though and you have UT - so that’s fine.

Good luck.

You should take the test again if you can…

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Keep in mind that Georgetown is not test optional, you have to submit all testing. Also an earlier poster mentioned Villanova as being a Jesuit school. It is not Jesuit, it is Augustinian.


sorry that’s my lack of religious awareness - I put all the old big east schools together - BC, Gtown, Nova, Seton Hall, Providence, etc.

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