Chance me for Boston University ED2 (International student)

international student

  • State/Location of residency: Asia
  • Type of high school (current college for transfers): Private high school moderately competitive?
  • Gender/Race/Ethnicity: 1/2 asian 1/2 white, Male
  • Other special factors (first generation to college, legacy, athlete, etc.): none

Intended Major(s) → Business/Economics, I applied for Global Business at BU

GPA, Rank, and Test Scores

  • N/A school does not rank/gpa, and I’m test-optional
  • Unweighted HS GPA*
  • I did IB MYP for fresh&soph year and got like average of 47/56. Pretty average.
  • Weighted HS GPA*
  • Dunno

Doing the full IB diploma program in Junior&Senior Year.
HL Business, HL Economics, HL Chemistry, SL Spanish B, SL English A LnL, SL Math AA
Predicted IB grade: 40/45. 7,7,6 in HLs and 6,6,6 in SLs respectively. A for business EE and B for ToK.

Awards: Only one

  • Most improved JV basketball player (lol)


  • Varsity soccer all years but JV Captain in freshman year.
  • Soccer club outside of school playing in Div2&3 for 2 years.
  • Summer marketing trainee program for 2 weeks.
  • JV basketball
  • School newspaper writer specifically for business-related stuff for half a year
  • Frequent service volunteer at multiple orgs, also included here that I took a leadership position as a referee and coordinator for the first-ever esports competition for one of these orgs.
  • Service trips to 2 other Asian countries in rural areas. 1 week each.
  • Team leader for Wharton investment competition 15 weeks.
  • Create video game guides with over 900k views on my top guide and recently contacted by an app to become a paid creator. all years 1 hour/week.
  • Independent investing research as a hobby 2 years 3hrs/week

My essay is about a period of self-growth about gaining understanding of others to empathize with them. My counselor said it was good and they will use it as an example for other students in the future. It was a genuine piece of writing but I’m worried it may not look genuine to AO’s lol.

No idea about LOR’s i wasn’t allowed to read them. Probably average none of my teachers were that close to me. I picked my business and math teacher and the person who managed the marketing trainee summer program.

Cost Constraints / Budget
Not asking for aid, fortunate enough for cost to not be an issue.


  • Safety *
    Pace University: Accepted EA2 with 15k/year scholarship
    Fordham RD:

  • Reach *
    NYU Stern ED1: Rejected
    BU ED2
    Northeastern RD
    Cornell RD
    University of Michigan RD

If you might want to add a school, look into the University of Richmond, which seems well-suited to your interests and profile.

You have a decent chance at BU ED2. Your IB grades are certainly good enough. The fact that you are not asking for financial aid is good as well. Good luck!

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