Chance me for Clemson Engineering!!

Hi everyone. I just received an email saying that my application for freshman admission is complete and all required documents have been received. How do my chances look for their engineering program?

Virginia Resident

SAT: 1440 (730 Verbal, 710 Math)
UW GPA: 3.6
Weighted GPA: 4.2
Classes I’m taking right now: Engineering Honors, AP Physics 1, AP Gov, AP Statistics, AP Literature, and AP Calculus BC.

My grades right now aren’t very strong. I’ll most likely finish off the semester with a 3 A’s and the rest B’s. I realize that my GPA is average for their engineering program, but I felt like my SAT score and classes would somewhat make up for it.

I have shown interest in becoming an engineering by participating in STEM related extracurricular activities. Specifically, Virginia Aerospace Science and Technology Scholars (VASTS), Internship throughout a University (professor and graduate student) regarding electron configuration and their shape. Technology Student Association since freshman year (was the Treasurer my junior year).

Work Experience: (Paid) Soccer Referee since middle school years.
Volunteering: 100+ hours.

Please let me know where I stand for making Clemson’s Engineering program for regular decision. What do I lack in?


Did you the thread for students that were accepted EA to Clemson for Fall 2018? There are a lot of OOS Engineering students who posted their stats. Look there and you can see how you compare. My son was accepted (engineering) EA with a 34 ACT and 4.0 weighted. His ECs are more sporty than academic/engineering-focused like yours. Good luck to you!

@BSL1199 Hi, I saw some of the EA applicants that applied EA for engineering and their stats were significantly better than mine, which is why I am worried. I have also played varsity soccer since freshman year, which I don’t know will help or not. Anyways, thank you for your input! Did your son receive a scholarship?

@RicFlairDrip Clemson seems to put a lot of significance on class rank if you have one. Good SAT scores above the middle 50%. As to your grades this semeste,r assuming you did not apply before December 1, they are going to look at those as part of the process so try to get those up if that is still possible.

Good luck to you.

He got the $7500/year scholarship. We were hoping for more (10K or 15K) based on his ACT. I was planning on calling Clemson to see if there was a mistake on his application (his 1st ACT was a 30 and that’s what most of the kids who got the $7500 scholarship had. And his HS has a weird grading scale that may not have been translated properly). I haven’t called yet tho because he is leaning towards staying closer to home now (UW-Madison, Illinois, or Purdue). You are a strong candidate. Don’t let this crazy process get you down!

@bsl1199 I would definitely call. With your son’s 34ACT I would have expected 15K. I seem to recall that 33 and over was the threshold for $15,000. The reason that sticks in my brain is my Daughter got a 32 ACT the first time and I told her take it again because if she could improve by 1 point she would go from 10K to 15K. She did me one better and got a 35…lol

Did you plug his numbers into the Clemson NPC.

@burghdad @BSL1199 do you guys think I’m a candidate for scholarship money?

assuming you are in the top 20% of your class according to NPC you would get $7500 with your SAT scores. If you are top 10% that would go to 10K. If you school doesn’t rank, I’m not sure how they figure out the amount of merit but I would expect you would get one of those.

@RicFlairDrip @burghdad is correct, except that you applied after the December date for priority scholarship consideration. You may want to call and find out what that means for you. Keep us posted, I’d be interested to know. All the best.

@Baxter126 Good point about the Dec 1 deadline. Does Clemson not give any money to those that apply after Dec 1 regardless of stats?

@Baxter126 I am top 20% of my class for sure. Why wouldn’t Clemson give out scholarship money after December 1st?

@RicFlairDrip @burghdad I don’t think it means they don’t give any money at all, but you aren’t given priority consideration. That’s why I suggested calling to ask what this might mean for the applicant. This is from the Clemson scholarships and admissions website…

“Students who wish to be considered for Freshmen Academic Recruiting Scholarships should apply for admissions by December 1 and complete the admission process by December 31. To receive priority consideration for an academic recruiting scholarship, you must submit test scores, transcripts and supporting documents by Dec. 31.”

My son was accepted into the Engineering program. His stats were SAT 1490 (780 Math/710 Verbal). Weighted GPA: 5.125. Unweighted GPA: 4.0. Top 5% of his class. He received $15,000. I believe the cut off was 1480 and above for $15,000. He applied early prior to Dec 1st. Hope this helps.