Chance me for Duke ED

Hey all, just wondering what y’all think my chances are for a Duke ED. I did very poorly at the start of high school, however, I do have strong testing and extra-curricular activities. Duke is currently not a school I am looking at since I don’t think I can get in, however, I would like to know what everyone else thinks especially since I assume that my strongest second-semester grades are not counted by Duke even though they are at my school.

9th Grade: 3.33/4.33
10th Grade(1st Semester): 3.1/4.4
10th Grade(2nd Semester): 3.87/4.4
11th Grade(1st Semester): 4.28/4.58
11th Grade(2nd Semester) 4.42/4.58

Test Scores:
SAT: 1510
AP Tests: AP European History(4) however, I did join the class halfway through the year. Probably all 5s on AP US, AP Calc AB, and AP English Lang.

Course Rigor/Load
Sophomore Year: 1/2 APs Offered
Junior Year: 3/3 APs Offered
Senior Year: 4/4 APs Offered
Considered to be the most rigorous course load at my school. I think there are like 2-3 kids who have 9 APs in my class and 3-4 more(including myself) who have 8 APs

Extra-Curricular/Public Service
100 hours volunteering at a camp, as a counselor, for homeless children.
Worked with a Non-Profit and raised money to send 6 kids to school for a year in Pakistan.
Model UN(Captain)
Tennis Varsity(Captain and 2 singles)
Squash Varsity(6/7 seed)
Taekwondo Black Belt
Future Work for Education with the same non-profit mentioned above
Also UTR Ambassador. UTR is a universal tennis rating system that coaches and players use all around the world in order to determine a player’s level.
Work with a non-profit called Aces N Deuces which helps provide access to Tennis in underappreciated areas of Maryland. I work in the Finance, Pr, and Coaching departments.
Also don’t know if this matters but I am taking a couple of courses on Coursera for fun.(Managing the Business of the Future, Sports Marketing, Behavioral Finance, and What Future for Education.)

Interests and Motivation:
I want to change how the education sector operates around the world. I grew up in Pakistan where I was surrounded by poverty, even in my close family. Obviously there are many factors to what leads people into poverty, however, the way I see it there is a huge gap in the quality of education and I hope that one day I can provide the entire world a chance of not only strong preliminary education but take it a step further and help people gain a secondary education as well.