Chance me for Elon ED

Hi! I ED to Elon and I was wondering what are my chances. I have a 3.2 gpa and I’m from NJ. I go to a private school and I have a good amount of EC and leadership positions. Do you guys I’ll get in?

Are you a senior who has already applied? Elon notified ED applicants of their decision in December…have you checked your portal?

My bad I’m applying next year!

Will you take the ACT / SAT ?

Do you have financial need ? Are you expecting them to give you a merit scholarship ?

What is your major ?

As you are at a private school you should talk to your guidance counselor. Your school might do well at colleges meaning a 3.2 there is not a normal 3.2. Btw is that weighted or unweighted?

Elon admits 78% of students but shows a 4.7 avg gpa which is weighted. What’s your weighted gpa ?

In general it’s not a hard school to get into based on its selectivity and weighted GPA but tell us more about you.

no, I will be going test-optional. I applied for financial aid and I’m not looking for a merit scholarship. I am a business major but my 3.2 is weighted out of 4 is what my school puts. I know that a girl from my school got in w a 3.3 GPA ED.

Your private HS GC will be the one most able to categorize the school for you…it’s likely a reach or a match. Make sure that Elon looks affordable per their NPC, especially if you are considering applying ED. Elon University - Net Price Calculator

Also, make sure you have at least one affordable safety on your list. Do you know what school(s) that will be?

What do you mean you applied for financial aid when you haven’t even applied ?

I was getting at ED a 3.2 would work.

But if you need $$ you should not apply ED to ELON. You should apply EA and your admission odds will likely be similar as their rate is already high.

You could review the NPC but people often don’t put in the correct info and Elon will not meet need.

Luckily I’m very fortunate and my parents are letting me choose any college that I want! For awhile, Syracuse was my top and they were fine with having to pay the 80k if I was accepted. I meant that I will be applying for financial aid to see if they would give any money but if they don’t then that’s okay! I’m sorry abt the confusion!

If anything they were wayyyy happier with Elons price as it is 20k “cheaper” than Syracuse!

I got in ED2!