Chance me for Georgetown College EA?

Applying to: College Early Action.
Major: Public Policy/Government/Political Science

Gender: Female
Ethnicity: White
Public School ~2000
I also attend an application based half-day magnet school for advanced math and science studies
Income: ~$125,000

SAT: 1430 (720 reading & writing, 710 math)
ACT: 34 Composite. 32 Science, 33 Math, 36 English, 36 reading
SAT II: 750 Math II, 640 US History (yikes I know), 710 Biology M (I am taking Math 2 again and Literature next month)
Unweighted GPA: 4.0
Weighted GPA: 4.48
AP Scores:
US History 5
World History 5
Calculus AB 5
AP Psychology 5
AP Human Geography 5
AP Language 5

Senior Year Course Load:
AP Literature
AP Calculus BC
AP Environmental Science
AP Government
AP Chemistry
AP Statistics

Major Awards (USAMO, Intel etc.): The College of William & Mary Leadership Award ( I was a winner at both my regular high school and the half-day math & science magnet school I attend)

I was on the founding team and served as VP and President of a writing enrichment program geared towards middle schoolers (we helped the students explore different creative writing topics through weekly programs)

I serve as a youth rep on a city-funded Youth Services Board headed by the Vice Mayor, on which I work with city officials to increase community involvement of youth through youth summits and various other events

I am the president of my school’s chapter of the “Help the Homeless” council: Last year, we raised over 20,000 dollars and helped decrease the number of homeless students in our district by almost 200

I am the secretary of the student government association (not super notable but thought I’d add)

I am the editor of my school’s Key Club (again, not super notable)

I am the business manager of my school’s yearbook


I am planning on writing about my experiences interacting with diverse kids in the writing enrichment program I helped start, and tie it into how GU is a diverse community as a whole. Hopefully, my essays are going to be well written and personal! I am getting two recs from teachers who like me a lot, one of which is the faculty advisor for the writing enrichment program.


Your ECs seem really strong, and demonstrate a bent towards government, which Georgetown will like. Your GPA is very strong, and the retake should bring up your SAT IIs. Overall, I think you have quite a strong chance, although you should be aware that Georgetown is one of the few schools where the early round is actually more competitive than the regular round. Good luck!