Chance me for phillips andover!!!

<p>I will be applying for 10th grade.
as a boarding student, even though i live an hour away :(
[is it harder to get into boarding vs day?]</p>

<p>my ssat scores were an 82% overall
but my psat scores were 92% [im including these psat scores]
teacher recs should be good.
my essay will be outstanding as well [i'm a good writer]
my GPA is 4.0/4.0
my interview was okay
no financial aid.</p>

<p>honors in ALL classes
[history, english, literature, chemistry, physics, computer science, algebra, geometry]</p>

<p>for EC's, what i have is:
Black belt in karate
4 year girl scout<br>
Member of Ski Team Won Team Championship 6 years in a row
Finalist in one of 10 participating teams in an Indian dance competition
National Scrabble Championship – 1st Place
Cadette Girl Scout, Patrol Leader, in process of completing the Silver Award<br>
Singing – Indian Classical Music 2003-2008
Lead Role in School Drama Program
School Newspaper Editor
3rd place at a Speech Competition
volunteer instructor at karate.</p>

<p>this means a lot to me, and i know my ssat scores arent that great, but it was a really bad day because the power was out. and it was just horrible.
Thank you.</p>

<p>It'll probably depend on how flawlessly you through in all these stats in the essays/interviews/recs....because I can't imagine being able to relay all that info to the school lol. Its usually nice to pick 2 or 3 and emphasize on them in teh essays then throw in the other stuff.</p>

<p>If you did that...then ya you look good. But we won't really know. Were so close now theres no point on even asking lol. You don't have much of a wait.</p>

<p>hahahahhaa march 10th seems forever mcpicz.
where are you applying to?</p>

<p>I think you have a chance for sure. Since you are concerned about your ssat scores you may want to write a SMALL note to the schools explaining that the power was out and how stressful it was taking the test in those conditions. I assume you live in MA or NH and I know how horribly stressful it was up here that week! Even the adults up here were out of their mind with all the wires down and trees leaning over the roads. Our basement flooded, our friend's electric box was pulled away from the house and two families in our town had their houses burn down. It was not a usual Saturday to take a test!</p>

<p>Im apply to A/E SPS and Deerfield</p>

<p>good luck - for ninth grade?</p>


<p>On a basis for Andover, 82 is pretty low, as their average is around 93/94 or something. However, your ECs are great, very unique, with lots of awards. Your grades are fine, mostly what everyone who goes there had. If you aced your interview (can't always be sure), your essay, and your reccomendations were good, that can't hurt. You have a pretty average chance I'd say. Good luck. :)</p>

i see many people getting more than 7 responses when they ask people to chance them.
well actually i got more like 3 responses.
cuz i posted 4 times.</p>

<p>i think u have great chances, but lots of others do for andover cuz its a very competitive school. you race?? same here! ever heard of NASTAR?</p>

<p>Hey, I frankly think that you have a good chance of getting in. I think its better to apply as a boarding student. Not only do they have more space, but they also want the extra money. (if money is not a problem for you, apply as a boarder)</p>

<p>Your SSAT's are decent, but doesnt quite reach the elite boarding school average. However, SSATs arent everything. They will understand if you're a good student, but messed up on one test. Its no big deal as long as you prove your intelligence with your interview/essays, etc. </p>

<p>Good luck with your apps. Im applying to A/E Deerfield and Milton, either grade 10 or 11. </p>


<p>Sorry to tag along but could you look at mine?
Applying for 9th

A/B+ GPA homeschooled
Solid Recommendations
Went to Andover Summer Session- high honors in major class and a B in minor class+ great narrative reports
78% on SSAT</p>


<p>Playing Violin for 11 years
Honor Audition only Orchestra (best in state) for 5+
Another Orchestra 5 years+
Acapella group choir (sang at DNC and in international choir festival)
Violin Master Classes with two world renowned violinist (I don’t want to reveal all of my info)
Volunteering in violin class at local low performing arts elementary school (3 years)
Summer Volunteering for Obama Campaign and Museum of Nature and Science Volunteer</p>

<p>+this is so minor but brother attended Andover</p>

<p>Thanks in advance for any comments on my chances…I’m super nervous I would appreciate anyone’s help. I’m not easily offended and I can take harsh feedback so if needed let me know everything you think. Thanks so much.</p>

<p>O also I took the ACT and got a 23 composite</p>

<p>mpicz, I think I read in another post that you are a state ranked basketball player? I'm just wondering if you play AAU, in that case we might play each other this upcoming season if both our teams make nationals. pm me if you want</p>

<p>I have to say...this is making me feel really inferior. I have piano, which I'm fairly decent at, and flute. Then, I'm also pretty good at math or ranked in state. It seems like everyone who is applying is a genius or musically talented. I had 3b's in 7th grade, out of 6 classes. Is that going to seriously lower my chances? It was because I was going to move which hit me really hard. This year, I also have 6 classes, but I'm going to get straight A's this semester, so will that look okay, or is that generally expected?</p>