Chance me for Providence College!!

Hey, I would really appreciate your input!
Really stuck on if I should ED or not :expressionless:

From CT, attend a VERY competitive HS
White Female

unweighted GPA: 3.448
A’s and B’s except Pre-Calc that kinda messed me up
ACT: 31. English:33 Math:28 Reading:31 Science:33
honor roll all semesters and high honors twice

Only taking one AP this year, rest are either accelerated courses or honors (APES)

Took an independent study through Brigham Young University for Geometry

Captain of the varsity basketball team

varsity soccer

played lacrosse grade 9 and 10

captain of a SafeRides team

founder and fundraiser for a program called Recycle for Education (collect tens of thousands of bottles around my community and recycle them for scholarship money that goes to a student in Nicaragua

Service trip to Nicaragua

YMCA Lifeguard and local town pond lifeguard

Soccer and lacrosse referee

Member of my high school band: percussion

played AAU basketball along with club soccer and club lacrosse during my time in HS

member of the Buon Amico club: help new students transition

I am interested in majoring in communications
Looking for a school around 4,000-8,000 undergrads
Would prefer having D1 Sports because I basically live and breath sports! Also club opportunities! (sports and band)

Right now I think my first choice is Providence College, but I am too indecisive to ED at the moment cause I would like to know where else I get in. Would appreciate your thoughts!!!

Also applying to Marist, Loyola Maryland, Gettysburg, Fordham, Dickinson, Villanova, Ithaca, and prob a few others


I would love some feedback :slight_smile:


does providence have communication?

Based on my older’s stats and the fact he got in (2017) with a small amount of merit, I would think you would have a strong chance of getting in. Your ECs are awesome and your GPA/ACT stats are darn good also. Whether to apply Early Decision or not is up to you. Both my kids steered away from that since they didnt have a clear cut number one choice. Have you considered Early Action?

My daughter had slightly higher GPA, same ACTs. She had very strong extra-curriculars. I can’t remember exact details, I think she applied EA (definitely not ED). She was either waitlisted or deferred. A couple of other kids from her very competitive MA high school were denied (but at least one was accepted). The decisions seemed not very predictable, so if you know your want to go there, I would think about ED.