Chance me for T20 finance programs

Cost constraints?

Side track and ignore this if you want but it seems like you are making some major life decisions at 18 predicated on an assumption that you want to be an investment banker.

I had spent my career as an investment banker and over that time interviewed hundreds of candidates. When interviewing rising college seniors for summer internships typical question would be what made you choose your area of study in college. People can be all over the place as you would expect.

Exception being a cohort that studied finance and would typically respond with some variation of I have “always” wanted to be an I banker. When I would then ask the logical follow up of why and what do you think investment bankers do on a day in and day out basis very few could answer precisely or accurately.

So I ask this earnestly why would you want to be an investment banker and what do you think the average day looks like for an analyst/associate?

If you are comfortable that career path works for you great but just want to make sure you aren’t pursuing a title vs a career that interests you.


Consider adding Fordham early action to balance out; also Villanova. Great investment banking connectivity.


You might have a slightly better change with ED at UVA than Penn, but not so much that I would ever associate the word safe with it. UVA is very good about publishing their Stats- make sure you check out the OOS stats…best wishes. Honestly there are lots of places you could be really happy!

You’re a good student, but your reach is exceeding your grasp. You should remove some of highly rejective schools on your list. Take a shot at a couple, but be realistic.

As others have said, you’re competitive at UCF (auto admit), Indiana Kelley, UF, UT,
and NYU. Talk to your GC about your list.

Frankly, you’re not competitive at Wharton or Columbia, even as a Latino. EDing to those would be a waste unless you’ve omitted something significant.

Vandy, Georgetown, ND, Michigan, UVA and UNC should be considered reaches. UVA and UNC are very tough for OOS students. Perhaps UVA ED would give you a slight boost.

I’ll second the suggestions of Villanova, BC, and Emory. Have you thought about GT Scheller