Chance me for VT '25 OOS RD

Can someone chance me for VT RD?
Major: National Security and Foreign Policy
GPA 3.6 UW
SAT 1430 Superscore
6 APs with a 4 on Euro and 5 on US Gov, 3 being taken this year (My school doesn’t have many APs)
Upward trajectory in grades
Great essays geared around my interests and service, also included Ut Prosim motto
ECs: Class President, several prestigious and unique summer programs focused around public service and politics, over 200 hours of community service, community service award from school, active in debate.

I don’t think there is any way to chance anyone at VT. Admissions were all over the place and kids with high stats were waitlisted or denied while other kids with lesser stats were admitted.

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VT is very up front about the fact that RD is only to fill any openings left after EA/ED, they don’t hold out any spots for RD. So, unlikely to get in unless that is an under-subscribed major. If the major does have spots left, your profile seems strong.