chance me for W&M!!

<p>Hello, all! I'm brand new to CC and am really excited to be a part of it! Anyhow, I am a rising white male senior at a small high school in MA and considering applying to W&M, among other competitive universities (Tufts, BU, WPI, Boston College, Northeastern, Brown, Dartmouth, Johns Hopkins, UPenn). I intend to follow the Pre-Med route. I would greatly appreciate if you could chance me!</p>

UW GPA: 4.08 (4.0 = A, 4.33 = A+)
W GPA: 4.81
(This was middle of junior year, so it may not be accurate now)
Rank: Unknown, but more than likely 2-4/120
Enrolled in all Honors and AP courses)
AP Biology (5) - Only 2 maximum AP courses offered during Junior Year
SAT 1: 2140 - 760 Math, 740 Writing (3 wrong and 10 Essay), 640
Planning on retaking SAT 1 in Fall: Aiming to, and probably will, have a 2200+
SAT 2: Biology M: 750 (Taking Math 2 and Spanish in Fall, aiming for 750+ on both)</p>

<p>Senior Year Course Scheduele:
AP Spanish
AP English Lit
Hon Physics (NO AP Level offered)
Hon Calc
Art-related Electives</p>

Local Library: Past 3 years: 100 hours
Local Hospital: 1 year: projected to have 50+ hours
Annual Volunteer for Earth Day: 15 hours
Other Miscellaneous Stuff: 15 hours</p>

<p>Awards: Nothing Outsanding, just some minor academic achievement awards every year.
UMASS Lowell Book Award (Given to students who are strong in the pure and social sciences and have distinct leadership qualities) - The award is actually a dictionary. haha</p>

ok, so this is my weak point :/. I do have some, but few, EC activities but no leadership roles within them. some of the main ones though are:
Badminton Club (newly formed this year)
- BTW, I am currently seeking a non-paid internship at a local biotechnology lab in early fall</p>

<p>Teacher recommendations: Probably from my Spanish Teacher and most recent Science Teacher. Will probably be good if not great, especially from my Spanish teacher.... I think.</p>

<p>Essays: I'm a strong writer and have been told numerous times that I have a unique writing style, so I really hope that I can come up with some interesting essays! I haven't decided what topics I will address in them, but I will definitely try to spend a lot of time drafting and revising. considering writing about my interest in medicine/volunteering at hospital and my interest in bigfoot/cryptzoology</p>

<p>Interview: I will probably have one</p>

<p>Other: Summer classes at local CC</p>

<p>thanks guys!</p>

<p>Welcome to CC and glad you're interested in W&M. Every student who applied to W&M has a "chance" because we use a very holistic review process. Students should also know that we are a highly selective school admitting only about one-third of those who apply and slightly fewer OOS students as we are a public university.</p>

<p>Does your school allow you to take more than 5 classes per year? If so, we'd recommend trying to take another class. If schools have 6-8 period days we generally recommend students enroll in at least 5 academic courses. So far your senior year you have only four. You could also strengthen your schedule by taking AP Calc instead of honors calc if that's available. While we do not have a minimum number of APs a student should take (this all depends on what their school offers and allows) we generally recommend that students take 3-5 senior year if the school allows it and if many (over 10) are offered. You are taking calc, physics and the fourth level of a foreign language which is great. These are benchmark courses for a more challenging curriculum. Your GPA and estimated rank demonstrate that you are a high-achieving student and your SAT score of 1400 (Critical Reading + Math) is certainly within our mid 50% range. Since we superscore the SAT, taking it again in October cannot hurt you.</p>

<p>Personal qualities (ECs, recommendations, essays, etc.) are an equally important part of our process as most of the students who apply to W&M are very competitive academically so it's in this realm that students can distinguish themselves. If there's a reason your ECs are lighter, feel free to let us know that in your application. Be sure to highlight those ECs that are four-year commitments and pursue any leadership positions you can during senior year if those haven't been claimed already. If you're a strong writer, use that to your advantage and write a unique essay with your voice and style. Your interest in big foot could certainly make for a unique topic. Your interest in medicine/volunteering may be a more generic topic as many students write about their academic interests and passion for volunteering so go with the big foot essay.</p>

<p>If you can come to campus this fall for an interview, great! You can register online September 1. Spots will likely go quickly.</p>

<p>For more on any applicant's chances and our process, check out our Admit It! Blog (W&M</a> Blogs Chance Me)</p>