Chance me! I am a rising senior!

Hi! I am a rising senior wondering my chances at these schools:
Boston University
Chapman University
Miami University
University of Miami
University of Denver

Here are my stats!
UW GPA: 4.0
ACT: 35 (I took it once)
Senior classes: I am taking Honors Humanities, AP Bio, AP Psych, AP Calc for academics
Extracurriculars: I am on board for a theatre honor society, I am on board for a club, I am the producer of a student run show, I have done a lot of theatre, speech team, volunteer work, babysitting, etc.
Essay: My essay is pretty solid right now, but I am still working on it.

I have done interviews and/or virtual events with all of the schools. I have been in contact with my reps as well. All of these schools are out of state for me. I would love to hear what my chances are! Thank you!

I think you have a good shot at all of them. What major? And are they all within your budget, or would you need merit or financial aid?