Chance Me. I really hope you don't know me.

Princeton>>>dream school

<p>White Female
Intended major: mechanical/some type of engineering
Courseload: most rigorous(will have completed 8 APs by the end of Senior yr)—so far all 4’s&5’s</p>

<p>Class Rank- Top 1% (Private School) -MA
800-W(12 essay)
650-CR-->I know, it's low</p>

<p>SAT IIs-
Spanish-710(retake Dec)
Bio-670(if there's score choice I won't send in)
Math II & Chem- Dec(hopefully both above 700)</p>

• Humanitarian-11,12...have some leadership things
• Amnesty-11,12
• Book-10,11,12
• Model UN-10,11,12...possibly officer
• Spanish Club 9,10,11,12
• Campus Ministry 9,10,11,12</p>

• Track(Winter and Spring)-(9,10,11,12)appx.11hr/week mon-sat including meets?
• Dance-tap, jazz, ballet(9,10,11,12)-3hr/week
• Snowboarding(11,12)—time varies week to week
• Figure skating(recreational)(9,10,11,12)—time varies</p>

• Acoustic guitar(11,12)
• Electric Bass(9,10,11,12)
• Walk for <strong><em>(10,11,12)(20miles-7hr/yr)
• Religious Ed teacher(10,11,12)(30hr/yr)
• Volunteer at church(15 hr/yr)
• Tutor(English)-(12)(1.5hr/week)
Job experience-
• *</em></strong><em>-town beach(swim aide & maintenance)-Jun-Sept 2006</em>seasonal 12-15hr/week
• Cashier-->Front End Assistant(Jun2007-Aug2009) 12hr/week school year;15-20 during summer
• Babysitting(9,10,11,12)-time varies
• (Currently unemployed FML & looking for a job)
• NMSF-11(national)
• Travel BIGO Teen Travel Writing Semifinalist -12(international?)
• Bausch and Lomb Science Award-11(national?)
• NHS- 11/12(national)
• AP Scholar-11
• *
** Hockey Association Certificate of Achievement for the Figure Skating Program-9th
MIT Splash Program 2009-
Some math & engineering classes</p>

<p>*'s for confidentiality reasons lol</p>

<p>(Hahas, I know the Walk for **** cause I do it too)</p>

<p>Columbia: Reach
Cornell: Low reach
MIT: Reach
Princeton: High Reach
Northwestern: High Match
Northeastern: In</p>

<p>I think the downfall would be SAT II's (but barely, do well in Dec and you're good!) and leadership positions. If you can, I would cut down on the amount of ECs you put because it would look like you participate in ALL activities but aren't devoted to a lot of them.</p>

<p>Thanks again for your chances!</p>

ps. I only put ECs I really do take active part in.(I might cut 1 or 2 out but that's it!)</p>

<p>Your transcript seems superb, GPA must be top-notch, and SAT's are very stellar... EC's are a little weak, but you supplement it with sports & other great activities; here are my chances:</p>

<p>Columbia: Reasonable-BIG Reach
Cornell: Low-Reasonable Reach
MIT: BIG Reach (consider replacing this with Duke or Vandy?)
Princeton>>>dream school: BIG Reach (once again, w/ one of the above)
Bowdoin: Low Reach
Bucknell: In
Northwestern: Match-Reach
WUSTL: Low-Reasonable Reach
Northeastern: In
Pepperdine: In
UVM: In</p>

<p>I like your list... just MIT and Princeton just seem to be out of ur range w. that SAT; (Columbia is fine)... Duke, Vandy, Georgetown, Rice, Notre Dame, or Boston College are all options to look into</p>

<p>Hope this helps!! Plz chance back</p>

<p>Columbia: high Reach
Cornell: reach
MIT: Reach
Princeton: High Reach for everyone
Northwestern: match
Northeastern: In</p>

<p>Thanks! any more? I will chance back =D</p>

<p>You're basically a carbon copy of my cousin who got into Cornell last year; Actually, you might have better EC's than she did.</p>

<p>=D lol I hope that's a good thing</p>

<p>I don't see how it could be bad :P</p>

<p>Columbia - low reach
Cornell -low reach/ high match
MIT low reach
Princeton>>>dream school high reach
Bowdoin ?
Bucknell match/in
Northwestern ?
WUSTL high match/low reacj
Northeastern ?
Pepperdine in
UVM ?</p>

<p>What's your gpa? that would help others chance you, but since you're in the top1%, I'll guess that you have a 4.0 or very close to it =)
Columbia - low reach
Cornell -low reach
MIT reach
Princeton reach
Bowdoin match
Bucknell match/safety
Northwestern match
Northeastern low match
Pepperdine low match
UVM low match</p>

<p>low match means it can be almost considered a safety school.</p>

<p>can you chance back? thanks!
<a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>whoops gpa is weighted but it's around a 4.6 atm. It goes up every term b/c of AP's & school's weird grading system.</p>

<p>Everything above your stats is impeccable :-). I don't know why you are taking your Spanish subject test again. It is great as is! Write great essays and receive good recs and I think you will be just fine ;-).</p>

<p>ahhh thank you!!</p>

<p>You're welcome :-)!</p>

<p>I'll only do the schools I know,</p>

<p>Columbia - reach
Cornell - high match
MIT - low reach (because female)
Princeton- reach
Northwestern - high match
Northeastern - low match
Pepperdine - low match
UVM - low match</p>

<p>Looks like you have a good shot, good luck with Princeton!</p>

<p>thank ya!-!-!</p>

<p>Columbia - High Match
Cornell - High Match
MIT - High Reach
Princeton>>>dream school - Reach (It's my dream school also. I don't even want people to chance me haha.)
Bowdoin -Match
Bucknell - Safety imo
Northwestern - Match
WUSTL - Match
Northeastern - Safety
Pepperdine - Safety
UVM - Match</p>

<p>Oh, Cornell/Columbia doesn't allow Score choice. I'm not sure about Princeton.. I haven't seen any data on it.</p>

<p>nice 10char</p>

<p>Columbia - High Match
Cornell - Match
MIT - High Reach
Princeton - Reach
Bowdoin - Not Sure
Bucknell - Safety, LOL
Northwestern - Match
WUSTL - Not Sure
Northeastern - Safety
Pepperdine - Reach
UVM - Not Sure</p>