Chance Me: Junior Year

Hi! I’m currently a junior in high school, but I want to get a head start in my college search. Bentley was the second college I toured and became my number one pick. I would like to apply EA/ED.

I am a white female from Fairfield County, Connecticut.

I took my SATs sophomore year and got a 1320 (710 English, 610 Math) but I plan to take them again this spring to get my math score up. I did not study before taking this test or do any prep sessions. I wanted to see where I have to build from.

My GPA is around 3.75 UW and 3.9 W (I don’t know for sure).

I have taken three accelerated courses (Accelerated Spanish 3/4, Accelerated Integrated Science/Biology, and Accelerated Chemistry/Physics).

I took honors level english and math my freshman and sophomore year as well as United States history this year (junior).

I am in three APs this year (APES, AP Stats, and AP Lang) and plan to take 2-4 my senior year as well.

I did two years of Latin as a second language as well, if that means anything.

I am heavily involved in my school as the president of an academic competition team, treasurer for our human rights club, student chair for the business and STEM departments, school ambassador, coordinator for senior projects, and a student representative (there may be more but I don’t remember them all).

I volunteer with a well known human rights/community outreach organization as well as a statistician for a local basketball team.

I also have worked in youth basketball for about three years.

I plan to major in either Accounting or Corporate Finance and Accounting. I would like to minor in Computer Information Systems.

Thank you for your help!

(Update: I would likely write my essay about either an eye injury that I sustained that took me out of school and what it taught me about the importance of education or, more likely, what working as a senior project coordinator has taught me about responsibility/the importance of real world experience, since I know real world experience and career preparation is to Bentley. I share a passion for these.)

Update: I also have three letters of recommendation from alumni and plan to interview in April 2018.

Bentley has taken away the early action. It’s either early decision or regular decision.

It’s too early to be thinking about this IMO- Since you are only at the beginning of junior year, your mind may change by this time next year as you become exposed to more schools/your interests change etc. Even as a senior, I don’t think you should ED (since there is no EA option) because you could probably get in RD without risking the chance of getting stuck to a school you don’t want to go to anymore because who knows if you’ll still be in love with Bentley come March of senior year. I don’t think it’s wise to ED to a school if you will likely get in RD.