Chance me please/ Looking for safeties

<p>Hi, I will be applying to colleges this year as an international student. My goal is to get in a college that will give me generous financial aid (so I can pay under 30k for college).</p>

<p>If you know any colleges like that, please post them :)</p>

<p>I am Asian, so I understand it will be harder for me. My ACT composite is 33, and I will be retaking it this Sept. </p>

<p>Please chance me for the following schools (in no particular order):
- Rice
- UChicago
- Northwestern
- Dartmouth
- Grinnell
- Carleton
- Brown
- U. Notre Dame
- Wellesley
- Carnegie Mellon
- Vassar College
- Washington U. at St. Louis</p>

<p>Any other suggestions for college?</p>

<p>Thank you in advance!</p>


<p>What do your grades look like? Any exceptional ECs or awards? It's not possible to give reasonable suggestions just based on a single test score and the information that you are Asian.</p>


<p>I dont think my stats are good enough to get in those schools</p>

<p>@M's Mom</p>

<p>My unweighted GPA is 3.90/4.00, I am the Student Council president, I volunteer at a hospital, I am involved in other clubs as well. I dont have any academic awards.
Hopefully that will clear things up. thank you</p>

<p>If you are applying to Wellesley, I assume you are female, since it's a women's college. If that's correct, then add Mt. Holyoke, Bryn Mawr and Smith to your list. I would also add Macalester, Rhodes and Hendrix (southern and midwester LACs) to your list - they are co-ed and less competitive to gain admission to.</p>

<p>I'm guessing that Wash U, Carleton, Brown, Northwestern, Rice and U Chicago are possible, but only if your ACT is above a 33, and you can get outstanding letters of recommendation and write great essays. Your ECs are average or below average for those schools, but internationals may be held to a different standard.</p>

<p>You should look at NYU because they give out great FA to IS. You should take GRE to improve your chance.</p>

<p>goodManThinking as usual is trying to mislead. NYU is well known for being TERRIBLE at giving FA, especially to international students. And the GRE is an exam for graduate students, not undergrads.</p>