Chance me PLEASE?

<p>Thanks in advance! =) I'm thinking about applying Early Decision. What do you guys think?</p>

<p>GPA: uw 3.763, weighted 3.91
SAT: 2170
ACT: 31
Art History -5
French -4
Stats -5
US History
Dev of Civ.
Taking 2 more AP's next year (Comp. Gov & Enviromental Science)</p>

<p>Architecture Club – Cofounder & Vice President & President (2 yrs)
French Club –Treasurer & President (Member for 4 yrs)
Student Council Apache Commission (2 yrs)
Founding Link Crew Leader (1yr)
California Association of Student Council's Governmental Affairs Director (1 yr)
Prom Committee </p>

<p>JV Girls Basketball Captain, Varsity player as well (4yrs)
Varsity Track and Field (3 yrs)</p>

<p>American Red Cross Volunteer
American Cancer Society Volunteer
Youth Corps Member
Habitat for Humanity Volunteer
Architecture and Design Museum Volunteer</p>

<p>French Honor Society
National Honor Society
California Scholarship Foundation</p>

<p>Won 3rd place at French oral speaking competition (Alliance Francaise) among 10 other schools.
Won 3rd place out of 210 individuels for another French oral/communicative competition
Placed 12th Nationally in French Grand Concours (National French Test)</p>

<p>Summer Job summer before Junior year: worked full time as a receptionist for a dental office</p>

<p>Hook?: First generation to go to college & taught English to Chinese Immigrants</p>

<p>Asian Female from LA county. Attends a largely asian populated, highly competitive high school.</p>

<p>What will you be majoring in? Cal Poly's colleges determine admission separately.</p>

<p>Just to be fully accurate, Cal Poly does admissions by major. A college may have some very majors that are very difficult to get admission to and other majors within the college that are easier.</p>

<p>I really really want to go into Architecture or Urban Planning.
I know Architecture is impacted at SLO, but I'm extremely sure that I want to go there so I think I'm going to apply early decision. I just need to know my chances first..</p>

<p>oh arcadia kids... i think you're fine. cal poly has a great architecture program.</p>

<p>bump please?
chance for architecture major
or modern languages and literature major</p>