Chance Me Please


I am a current high school junior at a competitive high school.
Here are my stats:
Weighted GPA: 3.78
Unweighted GPA: 3.58(pretty bad)
SAT’s:1400/1600(Planning to take it again, though)
Intended Major: Finance
I had an upward trend throughout (9-11)( I took no honors or AP classes freshman year, and then slowly worked my way up)
Took a lot of honors classes in 10th and 11th
Current AP Classes: AP Calculus AB, AP Physics 1, AP Microeconomics, AP Computer Science Principles
Next Year’s AP’s: AP calculus BC, AP Bio, AP Gov Pol, AP French, AP Stat
EC: FBLA(Placed at State Conference), Black Belt, NHS, French Honor Society, XSTEM(mentor younger students in STEM field), played piano for 8 years
Volunteer: Library, Religious School, Autism Center
Trying to get a leadership position in one of my clubs for next year
Summer: I am working on a research project with a professor and I want to get an internship in Finance to do in the summer
College Visits: Have visited 2/3 schools
Please Chance me for Bentley University, Boston University, Kelley School of Business, UMich
My dream school is Boston University(but i know its crazy hard to get into) …

I figured I could help out since I have very comparable stats. I had about the same GPA, a 1480/1600 on the SAT, same upwards trend, similar AP courseload, lots of extracurriculars, and what I believe helped me the most was really strong essays:
I got into Bentley with a 1/2 tuition presidential merit scholarship

I got waitlisted from UMich OOS (also figured I’d let you know that my sister goes there, and had a grandparent attend but even that couldn’t get me in)

I also had two friends apply to BU, one of which was waitlisted with a 3.8 GPA and 33 ACT and the other was recruited for a sports team and got in with a 3.35 GPA and 1100 SAT (Needless to say the first friend was annoyed at the second friend)