chance me please

<p>High school junior

<p>Orchestra- A (4.0)
Health- B+ (3.3)
P.E- A (4.0)
Honors French 2- B (3.0) (.05)
Honors Geometry- B (3.0) (.05)
Honors English 9- A (4.0) (.05)
Honors World History- A (4.0) (.05)
Honors Biology- A- (3.7) (.05)
UW GPA- 3.6
W GPA- 3.85 (3.9)</p>

<p>Orchestra- A (4.0)
P.E- A (4.0)
Honors English- A (4.0) (.05)
Honors Modern World History- B- (2.7) (.05)
Honors Civics- A (4.0)
Honors Algebra 2- B- (2.7) (.05)
Honors Chemistry- B- (2.7) (.05)
Honors French 3- A (4.0) (.05)
UW GPA- 3.5
W GPA- 3.75 (3.8)</p>

<p>Junior Year so far
Orchestra- A (4.0)
Honors French 4- A (4.0) (.05)
Honors Physics- A (4.0) (.05)
Honors Pre-Calculus- A (4.0) (.07)
A.P English 11- A (4.0) (.07)
A.P U.S History- A (4.0) (.07)
A.P Environmental Science- A (4.0) (.07)
UW GPA- 4.0
W GPA- 4.4</p>

Violin since the 4th grade
Westword- Since 10th grade
Special Page Editor
Project Music- Since 9th grade
Youth Group- This year
Interact- Since 10th
Building with Books- Since 10th
National Honors Society- This year
Tri-M- This Year</p>

Stepping Stones Children’s Museum- 150 hrs (2006-2007)
Ferguson Library- 23 hrs (2005) 30 (2006)
Soup Kitchen- 12 hrs
Church- 6 hrs
Temple - 10hrs
Organized a toy donation for St. Luke’s Children in 2004 (Collected over 100 toys for kids)
Silver Presidents Volunteer Award for the year of 2006-2007 for volunteering over 150 hours.</p>

National Youth Leadership Conference- Summery of 2008
Let’s Get Ready SAT Prep- Summer of 2007, 2008
Y.E.S I Can/A.M.B.Y.S.E.E Program at UCONN- Summer of 2007, 2008
National Soociety of High School Scholars- 2007, 2008
Columbia Journalism Conference 2007, 2008
Passions- Volunteering, Violin, Writing</p>

<p>Spanish (Puerto Rican)
Fluent in French</p>

<p>I'm a strong writer so the essays should be good!</p>

<p>I don't know much about chances for people from OOS, but if you in-state i think you in.</p>

<p>I'm oos, from ct but thanks anyways!</p>

<p>Are hispanic and african american? I think that diversity would really help at a private school (It mite help a little at public schools but not as much). If i was u I would look for AA schools.</p>

<p>ok, i'm a persian muslim (if that helps)
High School: Long Island pubic school with a great reputation (Top 25 in U.S)
GPA: UW-3.7
SAT: 2000 Math-660 Writing 720 CR: 620
SAT II's: 660 MathI, 680 Math 2, 710 in Spanish and 660 in Am His
ACT: 32</p>

4 year varsity wrestler and captain, 2 time all county
3 year varsity lacrosse
All county saxaphone, All state jazz ensemble-bari sax
Pres of Medical explorers and jazz band
VP of Future Business Leaders of America
French Club, World Affairs Club, Varsity Club
National Spanish Honor Society
Tri-M music honor society
National Honor Society</p>

went to summer school after 9th grade to get ahead in science
went to sat prep after 10th grade (didn't help)
went to National Youth Leadership Council (NYLC) in 10th Grade
Four Model United Nations
Going to China this summer to learn Mandarin.... and watch the olympics</p>

<p>Please chance me, i know my scores suck, but would my ec's compensate for the crappy scores?</p>

<p>dardar persian doesnt really help (I am arab, and all Middle eastern students are considered "caucasian"), you are a pretty solid candidate the only problem is that you are out of state so it is always very hard for out of state people. Have you considered applying to private schools? They will cost you about the same and a)you will be paying the same as others attending b)you will have a stronger shot.</p>

<p>Khudafis!(one of the few words I know)</p>

<p>btw, start your own thread so you do not take over lovelivelaugh. Sorry lovelivelaugh.</p>