Chance me, please?

<p>Gender: F
Location: Virginia</p>

GPA - Unweighted: 4.00
GPA - Weighted: 4.30
Class Rank: 3 of 137</p>

<p>SAT Scores (highest in my school..)
SAT I Math: 680
SAT I Critical Reading: 590
SAT I Writing: 690</p>

<p>AP Classes
US History-3
(Currently am in school only offers 3 AP classes)</p>

Volleyball (9-12), Class Office (9-12), Spanish Club (9-10), Scholastic Bowl (9-11), Marching Band (9-11), Concert Band (9-11), Jazz Band (9-11), National Honor Society (11-12)
Leadership positions: JV Volleyball Co-captain (9), Captain (10); Varsity Volleyball Captain (12); Class Vice President (9), President (10-12); Spanish Club Treasurer (10); Scholastic Bowl JV Captain (10); Brass Section Leader (10-11)
Volunteer/Service Work: Local Volunteer Fire & Rescue, food bank volunteer, Humane Society, Angel Tree (total 200+ hrs)
Honors and Awards: All-Academic (11-12), Tidewater Review’s Athlete of the Week (12), Superintendent’s Honor Roll (9-12), Highest Spanish Average (9-10), Area Band (9), District Band (9), UVA Band Day (10), American Mathematics Competition, First Place (10-11)</p>

<p>Thanks in advance to anyone who reads all of that!</p>

<p>Oh, and I am white and my senior schedule:</p>

<p>DE Calculus- A
DE English- A
AP Government- A</p>

<p>Anyone? Please?</p>

<p>your sat score is on the low side
the rest look really goood</p>