Chance me: SDSU Nursing!

Current junior/Rising senior

- Gender: Female
- Race/Ethnicity: Asian (Chinese)
- Residence: CA (in state)
- Income Bracket: upper middle class
- High School: Very competitive, highly ranked Bay Area public high school

- Unweighted HS GPA: should end up being around 3.8
- CSU (weighted) GPA: should end up being around 4.25
I think they’re not counting this anymore for Fall 2021, but ACT score: I haven’t taken the actual test yet, but should be around 32 or 33

- AP scores:
5 - AP Psychology, AP Chinese
4 - AP Biology
- Current AP courses and grades:
AP Chemistry (A first sem, should get an A or very high B second sem)
AP Language and Composition (A first sem, might get a C second sem :pensive:)
AP Calc BC (should get A’s both semesters)
-Planning to take a physiology course at a community college for 2021 summer
-Planning to take AP stats, AP comp sci principles, as well as a community college course (fall) next year

What would be an estimate of my chances? Thank you so much!

The 2021 Nursing stats are not yet available and since all the CSU’s are test blind for the next admission cycle 2022 Fall since you are a rising Senior, your grades especially in the Science courses will be heavily weighted.

If your CSU GPA ends up to be in the 4.2+ range, it does make you competitive but definitely not a guarantee. AP scores are not considered in the admission process, unless SDSU revises their application criteria but your grades will be heavily weighted.

The acceptance rate for 2020 was 6% so I would say you have at least that chance of getting admitted.

Below is what SDSU posted for the 2021 applicants:

Nursing : You must earn a B or better grade in high school intermediate algebra, biology, and chemistry with lab courses for consideration. If AP or IB level courses are taken in these areas, you must earn a B or better grade in the course. Preference is given to applicants who have taken and earned strong grades in science and mathematics courses.

Best of luck and apply widely.

Admission to public nursing programs are crazy competitive in CA. With a 4.2, you will probably get into CSUCI and perhaps a few more of the less competitive CSUs, SDSU will be a coin toss at best. Be sure to apply broadly and include some OOS and off the radar privates. ( UofPortland is worth exploring)

UNR, Boise State, NAU, Uof Utah among them. (WUE is a consortium of public colleges in the Western US that offer big tuition discounts to students from other Western states.)

Take a look at the WUE Nursing programs here

100% agree. We just went through the process.