Chance me: Transfer to Willam & Mary Fall 2021

Hi everyone I realized that there isn’t a post for 2021 Fall transfer, so this is a chance me post as well as a post for all 2021 Fall W&M
transfer applicants who want to share their information .
By the way I am international student.
Am I in the same pool with in state and oos students? If so I don’t have much chances cuz you guys are all so good at academic…

Nationality: Chinese Canadian/ Asian
Languages: Chinese, English, Japanese N2 and a little bit of French
TOEFL: 109

High School Status:
Canadian private high school in Quebec
GPA 3.75/ 4.0 (83)
no SAT
School Prefect (like student union, choose 17 student among 250)
Varsity soccer team 1 year
Varsity rugby team 1 year
Junior basketball team 2 year
Debate Team
Waterloo math competition top 10%
Academic honor prize in Grade 11 (80+)

then I transfer to a Quebec CEGEP college:
Majoring social science with math
GPA: 88/100, top 10%
Debate team
Pom Team (Cheerleading)
Feminism Club
Volunteer for Girl’s Guide

Miss Chinese Montreal Pageant Champion 2018

Then I applied to a university in Tokyo, Sophia University Liberal Arts program (one of the top private Japanese university and the program is taught in English)
Major: Political Science and History
GPA 3.79 (got 3 Bs: one from Christian humanity class, one from PE class and one from Japanese 3 class, there are only ABCDF grading system, A is 4.0 and B is 3.0)
Two semester dean’s list (3.5+)

none due to the COVID
Maybe international student league at Sophia counted as one?

Hult Prize at Sophia Second Place
Monbukagakusho Honors Scholarship from Japanese government
The Beijing Center internship program scholarship

Summer job at a Bubble tea store in downtown Ottawa

Recommendation Letters:
3 letters from Sophia University professors (literature, globalization, writing class instructor)
1 letter from my high school principal
1 letter from my bubble tea manager

Crap. Nobody answered you. I feel like your chances are good and it’s a great school.