Chance me

<p>I'm a junior in high school and I want to major in history so here is my recs:
I go to a rigorous program in the bronx called the Macy Honors program in which when you entitled to take honors classes throughout your 4 yrs in high school:</p>

<p>My overall gpa is an 85 or an 86 average.
Courses: honors english all yrs that I have been in high school
Math: algebra honors , geometry honors, algebra 2 and trigonometry and nest year I will take calc.
History: honors world history (freshmen year) AP world history sophomore year, AP U.S history and next year I will take AP european history and AP economics.
Science: living environment honors, chemistry hon, physics honors and next year forensics or maybe AP bio
Foreign language: AP spanish
electives: literary criticism, writing, health and piano
I was in the schools baseball team
Reach scholars program
STEP program at fordham university
Key club
I haven't taken the sat yet. I'm taking it in may. And by the way I'm Latino.</p>


<p>I'd say your definitely in. If anything this should be a safety for you</p>

<p>Unless you utterly bomb the SAT, you're in. It's unusual for someone from your location to attend BG. I have a good friend from Long Island who went there and loved it. Good luck!</p>